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Children's Religious Education

Children's Religious Education

"We are Unitarian Universalists: a people of the open mind, the loving heart, and the helping hands." Words like these are commonly recited when a chalice is lit, at the start of a children's religious education session.   First Unitarian Church offers religious education programming for children on Sunday mornings (September through early June), concurrent with Worship Services.  And there is a Nursery for babies and toddlers.

Our age-appropriate programs seek to nurture truth-seeking, spirituality, and progressive moral values that will continue to shape and support our children as they grow.  Through these religious education programs and the inclusion of children in worship, social justice work, and multigenerational gatherings, our communities reinforce what parents teach at home.

2016-2017 Sunday School Registration is open!

Note: There are NO Sunday School classes held during the summer months.

This year our Program will include these curricula from the Unitarian Universalist Association:

Multigenerational Tapestry of Faith Program

Julie SimonKatie CoveyPat Kahn

All CRE students are participating in the Circle of Trees multigenerational program.

Circle of Trees is a multigenerational program of eight workshops that nurture deep connection with trees, nature, and all of earth’s living creatures. The program uses trees as an entry point to understand and connect with life on earth. Across many cultures, trees are recognized as a symbol for life on earth—for example, the biblical Tree of Life. Even young children understand trees as sustainers of life, fundamental engines of life on earth as we know it. Trees create and purify the air we breathe. They house and provide resources for myriad creatures, including humans. They bring us peace, joy, and delight.


Special Religious Education Sundays

Children's Chapel - Students will begin most Sundays with a spiritually enriched and engaging Children's Chapel service.

Intergenerational Sundays

Intergenerational Sundays an extension of "Family First Sundays", where young people spend the full Sunday morning in the Sanctuary.  These are times when the worship experience often centers around a particular holiday or ritual, when our  spiritual needs meet across the lifespan.  These Sundays include Water CommunionEaster and the Flower Ceremony, and may also involve Thanksgiving Communion.

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