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Update on the Van Pelt Accessibility Project

As a result of two site visits to experience first-hand a vendor’s proposed lifts, there was a decision to bring additional vendors into the procurement process to address quality issues. Further reviews of the plan highlighted the need to research solutions to address usability, ongoing maintenance and support and safety requirements. The staff despite these latest challenges continues to be highly committed to ensuring as feasible as possible an ADA-compliant, well-functioning solution. An updated report will be available at the end of September noting the latest findings coming out of additional site visits and research. Should you have any questions about the project please feel free to call Norman Fouhy (Business Administrator) or Nic Tenaglia (Building Superintendent) at (215) 563-3980

Our Minister

In the Spring of 2016, we called Rev. Abbey Tennis to our congregation.

She is passionate about building multigenerational and multicultural ministries that enliven the mind, grow the heart, engage the body, feed the soul, and transform the world.

You can learn more about Rev. Abbey Tennis on her personal website here.



Worship with Us!

September 22. Loved into Loving (Rev. Abbey Tennis)
From our births, people have 'smiled us into smiling, sung us into singing, and loved us into loving,' we are told by Mr. Rogers. Yet we also know that poverty begets poverty and trauma begets trauma. How can we find, and build, the kind of community that creates more joy, music, love, and justice into the world?

September 29. Alone in the Crowd (Rev. Abbey Tennis)
Each of us has, at one point, been surrounded by people yet still felt utterly alone. Where can we find deep belonging in a world plagued by lonliness?

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As an official Welcoming Congregation we are inclusive towards bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

For people with disabilities, we provide assisted listening devices, large print orders of service and hymnals. Also, our Sanctuary, Parish Room and Chapel are wheelchair accessible.

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