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October 2019 Update on the Van Pelt Accessibility Project

The Lift Procurement process continues with the goal of having all information needed to make a decision regarding the lift at the end of October. Our group has encountered many frustrations with the process, including quagmires in licensing, requesting proposals, mapping ADA standards, and assessing for quality in potential manufactures, but our quest is nearing an end.
     Currently three vendors have submitted proposals with a 4th vendor proposal in the works. Site visits are being scheduled enabling the team to experience first-hand the operation and quality of the proposed lifts. In a few weeks a scorecard will be updated allowing the team to compare the attributes of the proposed lifts and the reliability and responsiveness of the vendors.  

     Safety concerns are also being worked. Using a mockup of the plan two of our Congregants in wheelchairs “tested” the design of the lift and the platform giving it an OK for usability by experienced wheelchair users.  Onlooking Congregants stressed the need for signage and clear markings highlighting the stair just beyond the platform where the Van Pelt Street Lobby door opens.

     Should you have questions or would like to make a financial gift towards the accessibility needs of the Church, please feel free to call Norman Fouhy (Business Administrator, pronouns he/him) or Nic Tenaglia (Building Superintendent, pronouns they/them) at (215) 563-3980.

Our Minister

In the Spring of 2016, we called Rev. Abbey Tennis to our congregation.

She is passionate about building multigenerational and multicultural ministries that enliven the mind, grow the heart, engage the body, feed the soul, and transform the world.

You can learn more about Rev. Abbey Tennis on her personal website here.



Worship with Us!

October 20. A Different Power (Rev. Abbey Tennis)
It is easy to lose hope when we feel stuck in the middle of power struggles in politics and in our own lives. What if, instead of being forced to choose between "bad choice A" and "mediocre choice B," we are able to transform the question and find a third way?

October 27. The Great Family of All Souls (Rev. Abbey Tennis, Hannah Capaldi, and Rev. Alison Cornish)
Our faith tradition affirms that we are inescapably interdependant with each other. What do we owe to one another as members of this great family? And when abuse and dysfunction happen in the human family, how do we return safety and healing to our center?

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As an official Welcoming Congregation we are inclusive towards bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

For people with disabilities, we provide assisted listening devices, large print orders of service and hymnals. Also, our Sanctuary, Parish Room and Chapel are wheelchair accessible.

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