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The First Unitarian Board of Trustees consists of elected representatives of the congregation who set essential policy guidelines and monitor for compliance, oversee the Church assets, and monitor ministry. The Board can be reached at Currently they are:

Anne Slater, President                            
Zinat Yusufzai, Vice President
Eliza Hammer, Secretary
Scott McCarthy, Treasurer                            
Stephen Oliver, Trustee

Dolly Ferver, Trustee  
Matt Schreck, Trustee

Board of Trustees Monthly Reports

Each month our Board of Trustees meet to discuss the business of the church and make decisions concerning the future direction of the congregation. All are welcome to attend Board Meetings, which occur on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, beginning at 6:30pm. 

Check this page for links to the previous months report as well as the agenda for the upcoming Board Meeting


January  | Agenda  |  Minutes | Update

February  | Agenda | Minutes| Update | Notes 


January  | Agenda  |  Minutes | Update

February  | Agenda  |  Minutes | Update

March  | Agenda  |  Minutes  | Update

April  |  Agenda  |  Minutes  |  Update

May   |  Agenda  |  Minutes  |  Update

June  |  Agenda  |  Minutes  | Update

July | Agenda | Minutes | Update

September | Agenda | Minutes | Update

October | Agenda | Minutes | Update

November | Agenda | Minutes | Update

December | Agenda | Minutes | Update


September  | Agenda  |  Minutes | Update

October  | Agenda  |  Minutes | Update

November  | Agenda  |  Minutes  | Update

December  |  Agenda | Minutes  | Update

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