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Circle Dinners

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What are Circle Dinners?

Monthly Circle Dinners bring friends, newcomers and members of First Unitarian Church congregation together to share food and get acquainted. Each circle consists of about eight people who meet at one another’s homes over the course of a year. An attempt is made to have a mix of ages and interests.


How does it work?

Sign up on the sheets on the table in the back of the sanctuary, or you can telephone or email your registration to Phoebe Shinn or Karin Tetlow (see below). Circles will be put together and you will be notified by phone or e-mail of your group. All that is needed then is for one member of the Circle to start things off by volunteering to host the first Dinner and notifying the others of date, time, menu, etc. After that, the follow-up dates and hosts are arranged at the end of each dinner to fit everyone’s convenience

Arrangements are flexible. Some groups prefer to have a discussion topic for each month, others prefer a purely social occasion. Some decide to banish “church talk,” others like to use these occasions to learn more about First Unitarian Church and the life of the congregation. Some groups decide to meet on weekend evenings, others at Sunday brunch.


What’s for dinner?

Usually, the host will cook an entrée and everyone else will bring side dishes. You will be asked to RSVP to the host-of-the-month to signal your intention to attend and to find out what sort of side dish will be needed. (If you have special dietary needs, it is a good idea to discuss this with your up-coming host.)


Suppose I am not able to entertain the group at my house?

You can work that out in the group, so that someone else has it at their house, but you will act as host-of-the-month, do the entrée and organize the rest of the details.        


Sounds good! When do we start?

Circles should be formed by the end of November and ready to begin in early December if they choose to.


Have any questions?   Call or email Phoebe Shinn ( - 215-222-1691) or Karin Tetlow ( - 215-978-0844).



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