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We are the ones we've been waiting for.

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Dear friend,

Each week at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, we take time to greet friends and neighbors, sharing the love at the center of our faith. Each week, we lift our voices in song and ground ourselves in purpose. Each week, we commit to each other.


We commit because even in this tumultuous time, this congregation renews our hope, strengthens our values, and helps us to build a more just and loving world. We commit because in this tumultuous time, this congregation matters more than ever.


Your pledge makes church possible. Our shared generosity fuels our progressive congregation and all that it offers: worship that inspires us, music that moves us, religious education that nurtures our children and youth, justice work that transforms the world, and the beloved church community that supports us, challenges us, and welcomes us each week.


We know that the world needs our church’s message of love and justice, and we know that we need one another to keep that message strong. Click here to make church possible by pledging to support the church next year and to help us reach our goal of $200,000 in pledges before March 5. 


With $200,000 in pledges, we’ll be able to increase funding for our vital ministries for the first time in years. With your support, we will expand our programs and commitments during this time when they are most needed:

  • building our vibrant music program: expanding the diversity of our music while increasing opportunities for congregants to join in music-making; 
  • widening our justice work: organizing for city- and state-wide change with our interfaith neighbors, and equipping our congregants with the resources they need to be forces for progress in our communities;
  • enhancing our congregational services: warmly welcoming the dozens of newcomers who visit each week, strengthening our ability to care for all congregants’ needs, and offering more paths to spiritual growth;
  • expanding our religious education: serving more children and youth with programming that nurtures their curiosity, grounds their values, surrounds them with love, and supports their growing minds, hearts, souls, and bodies; and
  • living our values: ensuring that each of our employees can access and afford quality health care, regardless of political upheaval, and supporting them in planning for retirement and other life events.


We know that this goal is within our congregation’s reach, and we know that this congregation can change the world. This year we have often reflected on the teaching of the Hopi elders: “Do not look outside yourself for the leader…we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”* The time of waiting is over––the time to commit is here.

In faith and gratitude,

Rev. Abbey Tennis, Minister

Annemarie Vaeni, Board President

*From “To my Fellow Swimmers” by Thomas Banyacya, Sr. (1910–1999), Hopi elder and Speaker of the Wolf, Fox, and Coyote Clans.


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