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February Y.A.N.G. Theme: Does No Creed Mean Anything Goes?
Friday, 2/8/13, 7-9 PM
Location: West Philly at 4634 Sansom St., Philadelphia PA 19139, the Upstairs (aka unit B) Emily Reuman's hosting!

[[Bike lane along walnut, turn right at Ferragut, first left on Sansom. Two blocks from the 46th st. MFL metro stop, one block from main east-west bus line 42, also 21 and 31. Street parking available, easiest to find on 47th and Sansom.]] 

Does No Creed Mean Anything Goes? 
Devotion, duty, and sacrifice are central to many spiritual traditions, but UUism emphasizes a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning," without creeds. What are we "responsible" to, as UUs, and what can we learn from the obligations included in other religions, even if we don't accept them?

Now that the holiday craziness is over, it's time to get back to our wonderful monthly Y.A.N.G.s (Young Adult Night Gatherings). For those who have never been to a Y.A.N.G., it is a time that our Young Adult community gets together to engage in some genuine fellowship and spiritual exercise. We have a lot of fun while supporting one another in the exploration of challenging and meaningful topics of discussion. Past topics of included "Depression Awareness", "Thanks-fullness", and "Personal Definition of Spirituality".

This coming month's topic comes at the suggestion of Sean C. Hughes, thanks Sean!

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