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Sunday, February 24th
4:00-5:00 pm

Join UUSC for a compelling conversation with Saru Jayaraman, author of Behind the Kitchen Door. Here's what Danny Glover — actor, producer, and cofounder of Louverture Films — has said about the book:

"With Behind the Kitchen Door, Saru Jayaraman has introduced a fresh and essential perspective on our culture's food obsessions and dining habits. By highlighting the lives and circumstances of workers who are often unseen and unheard, she has helped us see that labor is a key ingredient of authentic sustainability, and greatly enriched our understanding of those people who have — whether we have recognized it or not — been part of some of the most important celebrations of our lives."

Behind the Kitchen Door is not just a book — it is a unique opportunity to change the national conversation about how to create a truly sustainable food system. Consumer demand changed the restaurant industry by asking for sustainable, locally sourced, and organic (SLO) options. Together, we can now shift restaurant practices from the bottom up by requesting respect for workers' rights in every dining establishment — putting the "W" in SLOW.

UUSC's Get-Together includes a real-time interview and interactive online discussion that explores the importance of choosing compassionate consumption when you dine out. Register for the Get-Together today.

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