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Did you miss the Health Care Reform class at First Unitarian that we offered this March?

Never fear! Katherine Schneider will be doing a  repeat of the Health Reform workshop at the Wooden Shoe Bookstore,  704 South Street,  on Friday May 11, 7-9 pm.  Open to public.

"The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (a.k.a. "Obamacare") has been described as possibly the most game-changing piece of legislation passed during most of our lifetimes, yet its complexity (2000+ pages) has made it difficult for all but the most nerdy policy-wonks to digest and discuss intelligently, let alone capture in a sound bite.   In the first part of this workshop you will learn through  the nonpartisan "facts" - how this landmark legislation attempted to address the undisputed severe challenges facing our country and our families/communities regarding access to care and health outcomes. We will discuss not only those components that have become political lightning rods in the media, but also those that have progressed in the background with no public controversy or awareness, and how these affect you as a consumer of health care.   In the second part of the evening we will discuss within our UU principles framework the societal challenge of balancing healthcare as a human right with sustainability and personal responsibility. Dr. Katherine Schneider is a family physician and somewhat nerdy health policy wonk with expertise in population health management and deep involvement in transformation of healthcare.  She is a senior vice president at a regional health system and member of the First UU Ministry Leadership Team.  She also serves on the National Advisory Council for the federal Agency on Healthcare Research and Quality, and is a nationally recognized speaker."

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