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Lakota Native American Elders in Philadelphia on April 11th where we will show the groundbreaking documentary "Red Cry," which is part of a historic social justice collaboration to end genocide and support the renewal of matriarchal Lakota leadership.  In April 2013, Lakota Elders will be traveling from Pine Ridge, SD across the country to the United Nations and Washington, DC, stopping at major cities along the way. Locations include: Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wilmington, and Washington DC.

We have a venue already: The District 33 Council Building at 3001 Walnut st.
We also have a facebook event:

We are looking for people to help spread the word.

Here is some information about the Lakota Solidarity Project (LSP):

Our project started when Lakota elders requested one of their warrior society's, "Strong Heart," to find help to assist them in telling their stories to a national and international audience.  LSP assists Strong Heart and the Elders to tell their stories of human rights abuses.  At the request of the Elders, we have already traveled to their reservation in Pine Ridge, SD and filmed their stories and are in the process of creating a documentary entitled: "Red Cry" which is set to be released in April.

The second project, "Lakota Grandmothers Rising," is where we will bring Lakota Elders from Pine Ridge across the country stopping at major cities along the way to submit an official human rights abuses complaint at the United Nations in New York and then meet with congressional officials in D.C.

To see the trailer of the documentary click here.

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