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What is YANG?
YANG (Young Adult Night Gathering) offers informal but in-depth discussions on a variety of themes.

What are we talking about this month?
"Who wants Lemonade? Making the most out of difficult times" lead by Liz S.

Hosted by Dan Basskitty
1050 East Montgomery Ave
Philadelphia PA 19125

When: Saturday, February 22
6:00pm sharp! to 8pm

contact info: Allie Wright, Dan Basskitty, Liz S, Matt Ruby, Renee D, (via Facebook), or hanging out on the street corner.

The first part of this YANG will be exploring the process of acceptance. What does it mean to accept our circumstances? In what ways might we resist challenges which seem insurmountable? Do some of us source challenges as coming from the metaphysical and do some of us not make that attribution?The second part will include exploring living through difficult circumstances how this might change how we interact with others, take care of ourselves, choose vocations or what we aspire to do in the future. If we do gain wisdom from challenges, what can we do with it? Do we build strength from others' examples of working through difficult circumstances?

Please come prepared with, an example of a person (or people) or a famous figure with relatable circumstances or who has faced challenges in a relatable manner. Each person will have a chance to explain what it was about this person that has reached them.

We would also like anyone who may be interested in hosting/leading YANG for
March to email us as soon as possible. We know spring gets busy with love and fresh air, so sooner we can pencil in those dates and times, the easier it is to fit into every one's schedule.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please email

Thank you,
Matt, Allie and Liz S and Dan Basskitty

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