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Welcome! If you are considering membership to First Unitarian Church, you are in the right place. You may have questions about Unitarian Universalism in general, in which case we suggest you explore our Mother Organization's (The UUA - Unitarian Universalist Association) website, right here,  as well as attend a "UU and You" session at our church, which is held the First Sunday of the Month, right after service. No registration is required, and we provide bagels and cream cheese, all while discussing the history of UU, our church, and how to get involved. 

In addition to UU and You, we offer a "Pathways Class," and a culminating ceremony for those who are ready to join, our "New Member Ceremony." 

We provide childcare for all events upon request, and have accessible spaces. If you are planning on attending a Pathways Class or New Member Ceremony, please let us know your needs in the form below. 

Membership Pathway Registration Form

For more information, email our Minister for Faith Formation, Hannah Capaldi at

If you are planning on attending a Pathways Class or New Member Ceremony, please let us know your needs by filling out the form included in the E-Beacon! We provide childcare for all events upon request and have accessible spaces.

            UU & You: Occurs on the first Sunday of each month and is an informal gathering of visitors and those interested in learning more about our congregation, the history of Unitarian Universalism, and where the faith is today.  Led by Rev. Hannah. 
            NEXT SESSION: Sunday, 

            Pathways Class: Pathways is an opportunity to discuss your own spiritual journey and what led you to explore Unitarian Universalism with First Unitarian Church.  Pathways is a chance to connect with others, ask important questions about your religious identity, and better understand Unitarian Universalist theology. 

            NEXT SESSION: Sunday, 

            New Membership Ceremony: Are you feeling ready to join? If you have found your spiritual home here, we invite you to officially become a member on May 31! Those considering membership are encouraged to attend a UU & You and “Pathways” Class, and email, but all who feel ready are welcome. You can register here!
            NEXT CEREMONY: Sunday, May 31, 10:00am reception, 11:00am ceremony          

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