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Adult Spiritual Development

The Adult Spiritual Development Ministry  Team works with the congregation and staff to create programming that enlives and inspires our spirits, including classes, workshops, book groups, and other special events for the community.

Contact: Heather Speirs,

Current and Upcoming Programming:

Past Programming:

"Building Your Own Theology"
January - June, 2019, Tuesdays, 7 - 8:30 PM, Parish Room
First class Tuesday, January 29, then continues on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays for 10 sessions total. 
Last class June 4.
Contact and RSVP: Laura Gibson,
Based on the assumption that everyone is their own theologian (non-theists welcome!), this classic UU adult education program invites participants to develop their own personal credos. This is a multi-session lay-led class which starts January 29th and then meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month for 10 sessions total.

Legacy Planning Presentation
Sunday, March 24, following service in the chapel
Contact: Heather Speirs,

Karen Wolfe, Esq., is an estate-planning attorney (and First Unitarian
Church member and small group leader) who will discuss laying out
the plan for your legacy while working with a lawyer to develop your
will. This thoughtful and intensely personal planning is re-framed as
part of a generative, hopeful conversation around legacy. Karen will
interweave discussion about making estate planning a positive
endeavor with the more practical nuts and bolts of common legal
planning and the services an estate and elder lawyer offers.

“Living the Examined Life until the End of Life”

Sunday, November 18, Following service in the Sanctuary (12:30pm)
Session Leader:  Mark B. Peterson, ED.D., author of "Your Life, Your Death, Your Choice"  

Together, we will face into the hard truths of human mortality and the decisions we and our loved ones can make now for the end of life to be a time of grace, gratitude, and dignity. No matter your age, whether you are facing end-of-life challenges, caring for loved ones facing these challenges, or simply want to live a more “examined life,” these sessions are for you.
The first session of our search in this series will focus on how to anticipate rather than react to a medical event that has occurred. This planning process enables us to initiate difficult conversations with parents or children and helps us determine what we want from the medical community. Perhaps most important, it can help us to avoid unnecessary suffering and strengthen relationships with our loved ones. Stay tuned for another workshop coming this winter: What We Should Know about Elder Law. Questions? Contact Heather Speirs at


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