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Ministry Leadership Team

Meet the 2015-2016 Ministry Leadership Team


Mission Statement

  1. Executive Function: The Ministry Leadership serves a role of an executive body to assist the minister with personnel issues and operational decisions, serve the church community as mediators when needed, and manage conflict while modeling spiritual maturity. This work is often confidential in nature. In addition, the MLT serves as the Minister’s advisors by providing honest feedback, advice and recommendations to the Minister, both in response to requests from the Minister and in response to words or deeds of the Minister.
  1. Achieving the Ends: The MLT supports the minister and staff and volunteers in achieving the congregation’s Ends by providing consultation on aspects of the ministries of the church, and by providing oversight and support of the various Ministry Teams.
  1. Oversight: The Ministry Leadership Team provides oversight and support to the congregation’s programmatic areas: Caring, Communications, Fundraising, Membership, Property, Religious Education, Social Justice, and Worship Arts (Music & Worship).
  1. Support: The MLT oversees and supports ministry teams by being aware of each team’s progress, questions and needs; offering consultation, resources and encouragement to help teams achieve their goals; and evaluating the effectiveness of current teams and, as needed, proposing changes to existing teams, the creation of new teams or the dissolution of existing teams.


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