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Reach out to Hye Sung Gehring at to receive the weekly Parents newsletter. From the most recent Parents newsletter (11/5):

Our next religious education class for all-ages will be this Sunday, November 7. Please make sure to change your clocks before coming to church that day! We will meet outside in the play yard, weather permitting.  Children should come wearing a mask and dressed warmly. There will be registration forms to complete if you haven’t already, and a sign-in sheet. We will continue with our over-all theme of Building UU Community, with Creature Comforts being the topic of the day. We will be making sit-upons so that each one of us will have a covered cushion to sit on inside our hula hoops, which are used to maintain social distancing.  
     One favorite activity that we have begun to do every class is to create a story by each person saying one word at a time, in turn, to develop the plot.  We have come up with some very fun and interesting stories!  It will be great to hear what we come up with this time!
     Please continue to read the Soulful Home packet of information. Soulful Home is one way to connect with the larger Unitarian Universalist community.  I have enjoyed learning about people in our history who have instituted change or done important work, and the stories that are shared are very informative and often delightful.  
     Please contact me if you would like to chat about the program or the curriculum.  I can be reached at  I look forward to seeing you soon!
                                                                 —Jean Wiant, Acting RE Administrator

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