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At First Church, there are many ways to get involved in social justice projects . . . or maybe you have a project that you'd like to start! Here's some information for you:

Get Involved

If you are interested in Social Justice at the First Church, here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Participate in activities that the SJMT or Task Forces organize. That might be buying school supplies for the Annual Fall School Supplies Drive or donating a book to the Holiday book drive. It might be attending the Teamwork Fair in September and signing up to volunteer at the Social Justice table. Or maybe you want to be a Learning Buddy at the Andrew Jackson School.  If direct action is not your thing, you can get involved via online education/literacy advocacy sites. Whatever your interests, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

2. Join a Task Force.  We have several active Task Forces, which are in the process of planning. To learn more about current projects, contact the SJMT at Task Forces welcome anyone who’d like to participate, whether you are a member or a friend of the church.

3. Create your own project.If you feel passionate about a project that you’d like to see at the First Church, then feel free to create your own Task Force to implement the project. Below are Six Easy Steps as well as a list of Resources to assist you with the process.

4. Join the Social Justice Ministry Team. Want to learn more about what the SJMT does? Want to help our congregation get involved in social justice projects? Join the SJMT!

Six Easy Steps to Address Social Justice Needs in our Community

At First Church, there are many social justice related activities, projects and efforts being done by the church, congregation, friends of the congregation and other community members. The process by which most of this work is done is through the creation of Task Forces.

If you are interested in creating a Social Justice project, take a look at the steps below to guide you through the process:

  • Step 1: Create a Task Force- each project/initiative needs to form a Task Force of individuals willing to create a proposal and implement the project. Contact the SJMT if you would like assistance finding others to join your Task Force.
  • Step 2: Complete and Submit Proposal - each Task Force will complete and submit the Project/Initiative Proposal Form to the Social Justice Ministry Team. The proposal is meant to assist the Task Force in developing a clear plan for the project. Contact the SJMT if you need assistance drafting the proposal.
  • Step 3: Proposal Review/Revision - the Social Justice Ministry Team will review the proposal and meet with the Task Force (if necessary) to discuss the viability of the project or initiative.
  • Step 4: Proposal Approval - the Social Justice Ministry Team will approve viable projects and initiatives that relate to the theme.
  • Step 5: Project/Initiative Implementation - each approved project/initiative will be implemented by the relevant Task Force. Resources are provided to assist you in the process.
  • Step 6: Project/Initiative Evaluation – at the end of the project or in May, each Task Force will submit a brief one-paragraph report describing the approved project/initiative, process of implementation and results. This will help inform First Church of the great Social Justice work that was done this year!



If you are interested in creating a Task Force, here are some important resources for you:

  • Social Justice Ministry Team will be available to each Task Force for support; this includes coordinating with others (Church Office, other Ministry Teams, Minister (as available) in the church, answering questions and sharing information learned in the process
  • How To For Fundraisers – if your project will have a fundraising component, this “How To” will provide helpful information.
  • Safe Congregation– if your project will involve working with children, please contact Reverend Nate to learn more about the requirements of being a Safe Congregation.
  • Social Justice blog – where task forces can communicate about their projects.
  • Other Ministry Teams (Property, Religious Education, Worship) – Points of Contact will be provided
  • Websites of Other Unitarian Churches with active Social Justice Programs

If you have any questions about getting involved, feel free to contact the Social Justice Ministry Team (SJMT) at


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