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There are over a dozen parking garages within a 2 block radius of our church . Please use these during the week. 

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You may obtain a parking placard from an usher on Sundays before services, or by contacting the church office. We currently have two options for parking placards.

A) Street Permit Parking

  • Allows for parking on Sundays only, from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
  • West side of 22nd St. between Market and Walnut Sts.
  • North side of Chestnut St. between 22nd and 21st Sts. 

Please take note: 

  1. All cars must display an "Attending Church" placard to take advantage of the parking allowance.
  2. Parking outside of these allotted times exposes motorists to ticketing and penalty from the Parking Authority.
  3. The parking allowance does not override existing handicap, passenger-loading or valet parking areas, as marked by existing signage. (Take special note from Van Pelt to 21st along Chestnut.)

B) Greenfield Elementary School Parking - Sansom St. between 22nd & 23rd Sts.

  • Valid only from Monday-Friday after 5:30 PM (if parked prior to 5:30, car will be towed at your expense)
  • Saturday-Sunday anytime (car will need to be removed by midnight on Sunday)

Please take note:

  1. All cars must display an Greenfield Elementary School Parking placard from First Unitarian Church
  2. Parking lot is set up in rows of cars. If you park in the back, you may be parked in
  3. Parking lot is available to the neighborhood on the weekend - please be considerate and leave a line open so that others can leave
  4. Greenfield Elementary School and School District of Philadelphia are not liable for any damage or theft to your vehicle

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