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Financial Updates: Congregational Budget vs. Operating Budget

What is the difference between a Congregational and Operating Budget

The Congregational Budget is the one voted on and passed by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting in May.  The income and expenses listed on this budget is a conservative projection based on historical data.  This Budget is what the Minister, as Executive Director, is held accountable to.



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Financial Updates: Noncompliance - UUA & JPD Dues

Overall, I am very pleased with the budget that the congregation passed for our current 2012-2013 fiscal year.  I want to commend Rev. Nate, business director Norman Fouhy, Mike Tomalin from the Finance Working Group and the congregational input from the budget meetings in helping to create a very conservative budget. However, I did want to make sure that the congregational members and friends are aware that we are not complying with our Governance and Ministry Policy Manual on one item: our…


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A Wonderful New Opportunity to Help Kick Off the School Year!

Join in and be a positive factor in First UU’s Equation for Success Social Justice Project.  Between August 12th and September 16th, First UU Congregants will have the opportunity to help kick off the school year at the K-8 Andrew Jackson School by donating key items for success in school – Healthy Snacks and School Supplies. 

Healthy Snacks consist of individually wrapped snacks such as whole grain granola bars with less than 15g of…


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August UUA Congregational Bulletin

From Beacon Press:

New and notable books (PDF) from Beacon Press, and the top-selling titles from General Assembly 2012.


From the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF):

The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), a unique congregation without walls, offers a free…


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Jane Cox (b. 2/27/23 - d. 7/15/12)


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David Collier (d. July 10, 2012)

David Collier

d. July 10, 2012

     David was soft-spoken, a keen observer of human nature and process, and a man of dry and cutting wit. His spirit will be remembered with love by the First Unitarian community, where…


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Loving Transformations: Call to Action from Justice GA

Associated Press Photo              

Our Unitarian Universalist faith is grounded in the most powerful force of all – love. Love is the backbone of our principles. It is the light that shines brightly on our…


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Ed/Lit Activities Continue

The group of tutors at Andrew Jackson have just wrapped up their second year of acting as “reading buddies” to grades 1 – 7 at the Andrew Jackson School in South Philadelphia. More than twenty people, most from the FirstU church, went to the elementary school at 12th and Federal Streets once a week to meet, read, and instruct (math) with more than  50 students.  Some worked one-on-one with the children, and some went into the classrooms to support the teachers. Others have spent…


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Interested in a New Book Club?

Would you consider joining an additional UU book club that's open to everyone? Do you want to explore the idea - what kind? When? Which books? How often? How organized?  I'd like to get a sense of the interest in FirstU friends and members.

Email me and let's see if we can discover other interested individuals!

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Heart To Heart: Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

WOW! It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of another fiscal church year. Maybe I was confused by the bizarre weather changes, because I tend to mark time by seasons. Whatever happened to spring? Perhaps entering 2012 threw us into some warp speed vortex;…


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June Update from UUA

Dear First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia,

On behalf of the staff here at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), I hope this message finds you well. Please allow me to highlight a couple of items for you in the paragraphs below. You can find more information on each, plus other announcements and resources, linked in the bulletin materials list that follows. Please share them with your congregation.

Multicultural Growth and Witness delivers a new edition of…


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10 am Summer Worship 6/24 - 9/2

Starting the Sunday after Father's Day through Labor Day Weekend, our services will begin at 10:00 am. To beat the heat we'll meet in the air-conditioned Parish Room. 

Lay Leaders in our congregation will lead eight worship services, sharing their many talents and deep wisdom. We'll also have two special guest speakers this summer, our Affiliated Community Minister Reverend Addae and our Director of Religious Education.

What an exciting and varied group of summer services we…


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An open letter to First UU

Dear First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia,

For sixteen years, I have loved you as a family, actively participated as a member, gotten to know many of you, and came to learn this family's dynamics as I matured. Now, as President of the Board of Trustees, I will not simply see you as individuals, but rather as the Congregation of First UU, with a capital C. I am here to serve the needs of the Congregation as a whole, to serve our shared values.

Over these past sixteen years, we…


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Paul Fussell (b. 1924 - d. 2012)

Paul Fussell, Literary Scholar and Critic, Is Dead at 88

By Bruce Weber Published by the New York Times, May 23, 2012. Photo Courtney Grant Winston    

Paul Fussell, the wide-ranging, stingingly opinionated literary scholar and cultural critic whose admiration for Samuel Johnson, Kingsley Amis and the Boy Scout Handbook and his withering scorn for the romanticization of war, the predominance of…


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Congratulations, Mark!

We are thrilled to celebrate Mark DeCourval for receiving his Masters of Divinity degree on Friday, May 18, 2012 from Union Theological Seminary, an affiliate of Columbia University.

He is a life-force in our community. As sponsored candidate for Unitarian Universalists Ministry, Mark is the Chair of the Caring Ministry Team and he's off this fall to start his…


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Paul Vazuka (b. 1959 – d. 2012)

Paul Michael Vazuka 

November 4, 1959 – May 11, 2012

     Paul Michael Vazuka was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Jean and Francis Vazuka on November 4, 1959. Paul was three years old when his father died of complications to leukemia. Jean remarried in 1970 to David…


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Arts Education Advocacy Opportunity

Arts education is so vital to our children and youth. With the current budget crisis in Philadelphia public schools, arts programs are at risk of being cut. The arts foster more than creativity---they increase children’s self-esteem, create critical thinkers and…

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Bylaws – Why do they matter?

The Bylaws is a…


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New Social Justice Theme: FOOD JUSTICE

With 1 out of 5 people in Philadelphia being Food Insecure, 84,000 of them being children and with challenges to our environment based on our food choices, First Unitarian Church Congregants chose Food Justice as our new Social Justice theme.  On Sunday March 25th four interesting proposals for a new Social Justice theme were presented – Economic Justice, Food Justice, Government & Citizenship and Marriage Equality.  All proposals provided background information on each topic,…


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First Budget Info Session - 4/1

As Board Treasurer, I will be kicking-off the first budget session with a high level analysis of our long term financial goals and how we can align our budgeting process with the ends and means we have created for  ourselves.  I think it is critical that we not only set forth values, but that we actively strive to achieve them in our own lives and in how we run the church.  With this framework laid, I will then turn the floor over to Rev.…


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