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Wishes for First U in 2014

Here are a few quotes from 
Our Very Own Young Adults 
of what…

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Generosity as an Act of Gratitude: Annual Fund Campaign Kickoff and FAQs!

Expression of gratitude is a common ingredient in all secret recipes for happiness. Generosity as an act of gratitude is a two-way gift! Thus we are about to kick off our very important annual fund drive which will determine our budget from July 2014- June 2015, a critical transitional year for our community. Members and friends should have received pledge packets by snail mail in the past few days (or here,…


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Auditor Grants Highest Rating

In the spring of 2013, the congregation directed the Board to hire an external auditor to review the church’s bookkeeping and financial management. The results from the comprehensive audit are in.

The auditors granted the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia an “unqualified endorsement”—the highest possible rating.  …


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January Beacon

The January Beacon is here! Click here to download a copy. Print copies will debut in the church brochure racks after New Year's. 

Inside, you'll find

  • Details about upcoming Adult Religious Education programs 
  • Garden updates from the Property Working Group
  • Heartfelt reflection…

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30 Days of Love: January 18-February 16

30 Days of Love, or National Standing on the Side of Love Month, begins on January 18, 2014. It is a month of “intentional action, service, education, and reflection,” which people around the world, many of them Unitarian Universalists, observe both as individuals and in their congregations. This year will be the third time we are asked to take this…


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Effective Leadership: Three Kinds of Focus

Mary Beth shared a 6 minute video that may be of interest to many people in the congregation. In this clip, Daniel Goleman, author of "Focus: The Hidden Ingredient in Excellence," explains why leaders need…


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December Beacon

The December Beacon is hot off the presses! Click to download a copy or pick one up from the brochure racks at the church. 

Inside, you'll find

  • Photos and bios of our many new members 
  • Updates from the Social Justice Ministry Team about the Andrew Jackson School
  • Details about upcoming events

Don't forget;…


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Become a Learning Buddy at the Andrew Jackson Elementary School

Do you have some free time one morning a week from about 9:00 - 11:00 AM? If so, the Learning Buddy project at Andrew Jackson School has need for a few more tutors of elementary students during their Language Arts block. The opportunities are varied: listen and guide beginning readers as they read to you, instruct slightly older students in reading or math, or assist the teacher in a classroom. Or perhaps you'd prefer to use your hobby or interest to help with after-school clubs (3 - 4:00…


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November Beacon

The November Beacon has landed! Click to download a copy or pick one up from the brochure racks at the church. 

Inside, you'll find some important information:

  • Details about the November potluck
  • Exciting updates from the Membership Ministry Team 
  • Reflections and information about Day of…

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Audit nearing completion: Return those letters!

This fall, FirstUU is undergoing a complete financial audit that, once completed, will make us eligible to apply for grants that could help to fund the preservation and restoration of our building. Norman Fouhy has been working tirelessly with the auditors over the last few months, providing information and answering their questions about our finances and accounting. We hope to have the auditors' report by Thanksgiving, but there's one last step that we need your help with:

Part of…


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Day of Dignity: Another Form of Worship

What is Day of Dignity? One answer is that it is a day of service. Another answer is that it is a day of interfaith cooperation. Others might say it is a day to be in community. Any one of these answers could describe what happens on that unique Saturday afternoon here at First Unitarian Church. But for me, these answers are not mutually exclusive. So how do I describe Day of Dignity? It is a day of worship.

You see, Day of Dignity represents so much more than a time to… Continue

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Staff Performance Survey

This fall has been an exciting time to welcome four new professionals into the community:

  • John B Hedges, Interim Music Director;
  • Stephanie Cawley, Communications Director and Religious Education Coordinator;
  • Kim McKay, Lead Teacher for Our Whole Lives (K-6); and
  • Ranwa Hammamy, Lead Teacher for the Religious Literacy program (K-6).

Now that we are two months into the new church year, we would like your feedback about our performance…


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Day Care Open Enrollment

Little Miracles Day Care Center is having open enrollment. Little Miracles provides child daycare for children in nursery, kindergarten. High quality after school programs and summer camps are available. Excellent rates for toddlers, preschool, after-school and summer camp participants. For more details visit…


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Heart to Heart: Bringing Out the Best

Most of us have probably come across the universal wisdom that the people who irritate us the most are expressing qualities that we ourselves have. This is why family members or close friends can be so annoying for so many of us, because we see ourselves in them, and vice versa. Of course this isn’t always true, but when it is, it’s a real opportunity for growth if we can acknowledge it, because it’s infinitely easier to change ourselves than it is to try to change someone else. Moreover,…


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October Beacon & UUA Bulletin

Hot off the presses! Download the October Beacon now, or pick up a copy in the brochure racks in the church. Inside you'll find lots of good stuff:


  • Bios and photos of our new members
  • An insightful article from Reverend Addae
  • The inside scoop on the Rummage Sale


Don't forget; November Beacon submissions…


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The Interim Opportunity: Preparing for Our Interim Ministerial Search

As we prepare for Reverend Nate's departure in July 2014, our church is in a time of transition. For some of us, this may be a time of anxiety--change can be nerve-wracking and even scary. Others among us may be exhilarated, ready for the energy and optimism that accompanies starting on a new course with a clean slate. 


Many of us discussed this transition at today's Board info session on the ministerial transition. What follows is a recap of the materials presented, along…


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September Beacon & UUA Bulletin

Back home, back to school, and back to the Beacon! The September Beacon is available online and also in the brochure racks at the church.

Check out the September Beacon for info about upcoming events at the church as well as:

  • Updates from the Social Justice Ministry Team about their summer and fall projects.
  • A note from Treasurer…

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Automate Your Giving

As we come back together to start a new church year, we know it’s only a matter of time before a friendly usher will be accosting us in our pews, brandishing the collection plate. This shouldn’t cause stress or worry—after all, we all decided months ago, during the annual pledge drive, how much we each would give this year. That should be the hard part, right?


Yet something always seems to go wrong: we forget our checkbook, we miss a Sunday (or was it…


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Adult Classes!


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Rentals Promote Mission

Church rentals support bottom line, promote mission

Don Skinner | Unitarian Universalist Association | July 1, 2013

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations rent space in their buildings. Doing so not only helps out the community but gives the…


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