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First Unitarian Food Justice Book Group

Do you enjoy reading?  Are you interested in learning more about topics such as food insecurity, nutrition, the local/slow food movement, food worker’s rights, and other areas related to food justice?

The Social Justice Ministry Team is excited to announce the formation of a Food Justice Book Group.  Church members and friends are invited to read…


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Sharing the Journey Together: Dave Kurkowski on Growth

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Stewardship Update: Week Three

The week of Valentine's Day is a perfect time to be thinking about commitment, and as of Sunday, February 17, we're well on our way in our commitment to make our church strong and vibrant for the coming year.

So far, we've collectively pledged $50,321. This is one-quarter of the way to our $200,000 goal! Better yet, we've reached this number with fewer than a quarter of our church's pledging units--so if the average pledge stays the same, we're…


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Challenging Beauty

“I can’t find the beauty anymore.” I spoke these words to a friend following a talk by Eboo Patel. Patel’s interfaith dialogue work was inspiring, and his story as a Muslim-American helped me reconnect to Islam, so I was excited to attend another of his talks. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes. Yet, within the first ten minutes of his talk, I was angry. I wrote furious notes for the entire hour, challenging ideas that I saw as limited. When Patel finished speaking, I approached him and proceeded…


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Did You Order Justice?

Restaurant Worker Justice is no insignificant matter. It is deeply connected to issues such as healthcare, education, poverty, immigration…all of which are related to our universal human rights. Our city and nation are at a tipping point, and it is time for us to take a stand on the side of love and justice. Here are some ways you can make a difference and fight for food worker rights.


Watch …


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Making the Church My Home: Anne Slater on Stewardship

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The Beet of Your Heart Dinner & A Little Night Music Concert

Join us on Friday, February 15 for a…


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February Beacon & UUA Congregational Bulletin

The February Beacon

Happy Valentines Day and merry 30 Days of Love! Be sure to check out this month's edition of The Beacon!

The February issue contains all kinds of church news, as well as:

  • info about the upcoming fundraiser: …

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Financial Updates: Financially Supporting the DWG

For years, the Development Working Group (DWG) has been requesting financial support from the Congregation and the Board with the primary goal of being able to apply for outside grants so that we can afford large capital campaigns to maintain our building.  Through the Furness Exhibition, the DWG has garnered a lot of visibility and interest for our church, and they would like to monopolize on this momentum.  The DWG came to the Board this past fall with 2 extremely critical…


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Congratulations to Worship Arts Associates

I would like to thank all of those who have been part of organizing and leading our services during our Minister's sabbatical - I have found the topics relevant to our times, thoughtful and thought-provoking.  The choir, the music selection, the other many components of the service have been a joy on many, many levels.  Thanks again to all of you who are involved in this endeavor.

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Financial Update: Operations Budget

(Presented at the Jan 27th Congregational Meeting)

We are 6 months into our current 2012-2013 fiscal year, and overall, I am really pleased with where we are.  We passed what I would consider a very realistic and conservative budget last spring, and so far, we have been successful in avoiding any budget cuts.

Norman Fouhy just completed an extremely thorough analysis of our financial outlook for the remainder of this fiscal year.  I will spare you the analytical…


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Support Guest at Your Table and Learn About Restaurant Worker Justice

From the UUSC blog, the following post was written by Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh, editor of the forthcoming anthology The Joy of Just Eating: Food for Personal, Public, and Planetary Well-Being.

Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh.

Do you eat? If so, this…


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Ethical Consumption and Restaurant Worker Justice

$2.13 an hour. That is how low some tipped workers are paid in many of our nation’s restaurants. That minimum wage has not seen an increase in the past 20 years. And paid sick days? Not likely. Workers are forced to choose between staying home to heal and not getting paid or coming in and risking their health (not to mention others' health) to earn a living.

Learn more about the ways in which restaurant workers face…


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Financial Update: Recognition of the EIWG

We are only half way through the current financial year, and the Board and myself have had to call on the Endowment and Investment Working Group’s (EIWG's) help an extraordinary number of times these past six months.  Not only have we tasked them with non-stop financial research endeavors, but the group is working significantly understaffed.  The Board’s most recent research request came less than a week before Christmas and they worked hard to be able to provide guidance to the Board in…


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What We Love

“What do Unitarian Universalists believe?” I imagine many of us have been asked this question at some point in our lives. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had that internal flutter of panic or mental scrambling as we search for the best four-sentence description that almost always works in the words “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Rev. Peter Morales while attending a conference in Boston, and he gave those of us…


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Meet the Candidates for UUA Moderator









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Upcoming Road Closure Info

Road closures on: Saturday and Sunday, January 19 and 20th

Hunter Roberts Construction, the group building the tower across the street from the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, is beginning to dismantle their tower crane. Activity will begin on the morning of the 10th and will continue through the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

As for next weekend, Jan 19th & 20th,  Hunter Roberts has permits in place to close…


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Are you taking the Food Stamp Challenge?

First U is taking the Food Stamp Challenge from January 7-13, 2013!

The Food Stamp Challenge asks individuals and families to eat on the budget of those who receive benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – aka food stamps – for just one week.  

For one person, the Food Stamp Challenge budget for the week is $35, or $5 per day – the average food stamp benefit for a person living in Philadelphia.  Visit…


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Change of Dates: Synergy Sundaes

Greetings to all, especially to leaders who attend the Synergy Sundae leadership workshops:

Due to overwhelming demand the Board has changed the dates of the next two Synergy Sundaes.  Instead of January 20, the next Synergy Sundae will occur on Sunday, February 10. Instead of March 17, the following Synergy Sundae will occur on Sunday, March 24. This change supersedes the information found in the January Beacon.

Happy New Year!

Dan Widyono

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