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Preservation Project Update

Restoration of the Chestnut St. porch exterior masonry is taking place this spring!! Thanks to the Development Working Group, Sarah Maude Kaemmerling's estate, 28 members and friends of the congregation, and the Connelly Foundation, we now have the $69,000 necessary to begin this next phase of the Preservation Project.


Several behind-the-scenes tasks have quietly taken place in the last few…


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Literacy Forum : read it if you missed it! And join one of these exiting programs.

   On April 5, 2011, the Social Justice Ministry Team hosted a LiteracyForum to introduce four groups in the city that provide literacy services to their clients. These groups offer a range of services and a range of opportunities to turn our congregation’s focus toward the needs of our fellow citizens.


1.      ACHIEVEability, is a social service agency located in west Philly around 60th and Market. Their clients are formerly homeless families who are…


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"Wake in the Morning"

I've had Cory's beautiful version of Wade in the Water in my head.  I occasionally sing to the kids to wake them up, but usually "Good Morning. Good Morning" (think Doris Day).  This morning I was inspired to sing "Wake in the morning. Wake in the morning Bri-i-an. Wake in the morning. Gotta get your day a go-in'." 


He half smiled and half shook…


Added by Janet Scannell on March 22, 2011 at 9:35am — 1 Comment

UUA Japan Relief Fund

Following Friday’s devastating earthquake and resulting tsunamis, the UUA has been in contact with our religious partners in Japan to express our concern and our willingness to partner with them in recovery efforts.  Our partners, including Rissho Kosei-kai, Tsubaki Grand Shrine, the Konko Church of Izuo, the Tokyo Dojin Church, and the Japan Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom are all in discernment about the specific efforts they will be taking to support…


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Spiritual Practice for February: Abundance

When we focus on what we feel we are lacking, we attract lack. When we focus on where we have abundance, we attract more abundance. We are so blessed in our daily lives when we compare what we have to what most people on the planet have. Every time we turn on the faucet and receive potable water, we are experiencing a level of abundance unknown to many of the humans on the planet. Focus on the abundance in which we are awash every day. Be thankful for the blessings that pour over…


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Additional Volunteers Support Education/Literacy Projects

I’m proud to be a part of the First UU church of Philadelphia. We have a congregation determined to do more than just talk about social justice.  

For instance, after hearing about the work of the Social Justice Ministry on Education/Literacy at the recent State of the Congregation service, eighteen additional people indicated an interest in helping with one or more Social Justice projects. Several signed up for two or three projects, so we have more volunteers to work as…


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Sponsorship (My) Ministry Candidacy.

     I herewith express my thanks and gratitude to the congregation of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, who by a unanimous vote, honored me on January 23, 2011 by granting sponsorship of my Unitarian Universalist ministry candidacy. Also, my thanks and gratitude go to the Board of Trustees, Ministerial Formation Working Group, Congregation Lay leaders and Rev. Nate Walker for their welcoming, support, advisement, mentoring, and embracement. The…


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Mindful Consumption

Each month the Ministry Leadership Team focuses on one of "ends" from the Congregational Blueprint. We then share ourthoughts on the end and suggest spiritual practices to share with the other ministry teams. Here are my thoughts on sustainability (End IV), as seen through the spiritual practice of mindful consumption. I hope they are helpful in making you think about our goals as a church and as individuals.

Mindful consumption was on my mind, as always, during the holidays. We eat…


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Why I Give to First Unitarian Church

Happy New Year!  This blog post is the written version of the reflection I gave this morning at church, which answered the question posed to me recently, “Why do you give to the church?”  At first, I thought it would be easy to sum it up in three minutes of talking. After several hours of editing out so much, here is my final reply!

First, I need to explain what “church” means to me.  Church means: being in community with each and every one of you; challenging and fun choir…


Added by Daniel Widyono on January 2, 2011 at 6:39pm — 1 Comment

The Philadelphia Reads Books on Tape Project: One Year Later

In November 2010, I celebrated my one year anniversary as a volunteer for the Philadelphia Reads Books on Tape Project. In total, I have recorded 15 books for the project.

In the beginning, I had to make multiple attempts at recording the books to make sure I made no mistakes in my reading and that character voices were consistent. Most challenging was trying to do male voices and voices with accents. One year later, it takes me less time to record my books and I don’t sweat…


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Two New Opportunities to Honor Our Commitment as a Congregation to Enhance Education and Literacy

Many of you are familiar with the film “Waiting for Superman” which cites several of the many challenges with our educational system. It is these types of messages that tell me that this Congregation made a very wise decision when in November of 2009 the Congregation via a Congregational vote made a commitment as a whole congregation to enhance Education and Literacy with a focus in our surrounding community.

Why wait for Superman? Are Superheroes really the answer or is it the… Continue

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Social Justice Ministry -- Andrew Jackson School

FirstUU is in the second year of a three-year pilot project to promote social justice through the support of education and literacy in Philadelphia. If you haven’t already seen them, check out the photos of the school supplies donated by members of PhilaUU for the children at the Andrew Jackson School on 12th and Federal Streets. They’re posted in the lobby on the Social…


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Invitation to Participate in a Sanctuary Study Committee

End V: “We commit to the preservation and enhancement of our architecturally significant building while meeting the contemporary needs of our Church and community.”

The interpretation of…


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Ministry with Monsanto

On Thursday, July 15, 2010 Directors from Monsanto came to the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia for dinner to discuss the ethics of biotechnology. When asked, “will you vow to do no harm,” Monsanto replied, “We already do no harm.”

Click here to listen to Reverend Nate Walker’s summary of Monsanto’s response to the proposal to develop a modern Hippocratic Oath that could lead the entire field of… Continue

Added by Former Settled Minister on July 20, 2010 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

President's Parsley*

An initial meeting of the recently elected Board of Trustees and selected Ministry Leadership Team occurred on June 15. It took the form of introductions, sharing and orientation to the internal workings of the church. Rev. Nate encouraged all present to propose a “bumper sticker” depicting their vision of leadership. Some choose pictures, others words. Often the words…

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