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March Beacon Now Available!

The March edition of The Beacon is now available in print or online! 

If you are on our mailing list and have elected to receive a print copy of The Beacon it will mail today. Otherwise, you can pick up a copy from the back of the Sanctuary after Sunday's services.

You can also review a copy of it online! Click here: MarchBeacon_2015.pdf

If you'd…


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Flower Donations - March & April 2015

Donating flowers is a great way to honor a loved one or celebrate a momentous occasion while simultaneously adding the beauty and color of flowers to our church services. When the service is finished, take the flowers home with you to enjoy. You may also include a special message about the person you're honoring or event you're celebrating which will be printed in the order of service and read during the sharing of joys and concerns.

The following March and April 2015 dates are…


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Belonging, Any Way You Want

We talk a lot in our church about doing things “together,” about being “in community” with each other. We celebrate those who join, and we honor those who have stayed. We are a community, a congregation, and we make shared decisions based on our shared values in our shared home.


We don’t talk as much about what it really means to belong on a day-to-day, person-to-person basis. Belonging to this Unitarian Universalist church isn’t like belonging anywhere else—because of the…


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February Beacon Now Available

In case you missed picking up a copy of the print edition of the Beacon for February, you can view it here:   FebruaryBeacon_2015.pdf

Just as a reminder - if you're interested in submitting articles for March's Beacon - please send all material to Julia at by February 15. 


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We Need Our Prayers

God doesn’t need our prayers. We need our prayers.” It may seem like an obvious observation, but this statement from my one of my professors moved me to some further reflection. Who do we believe receives our prayers? How do we pray? What is the expected outcome of our prayers? Why do we pray?


The specific answers to these questions will be different for every single one of us. The rich diversity of belief within our tradition surrounding the nature of God or…


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Ministerial Musings... January 2105

The theme for ministry and worship in this first month of the New Year is "hope".

“Hope is

folding paper cranes

even when your hands get cramped

and your eyes tired,

working past blisters and

paper cuts ….” (from Origami Emotion, by Elizabeth Barrette) 

Hope has so many meanings... some grounded in our everyday existence, and others as…


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Resilient Love

“What does resilience mean to you?” While helping to facilitate a youth worship in December, I had the opportunity to hear youth reflect on the relevance of resilience to their lives and the world. When it was my turn to share, I immediately thought of my seminary community.


At Union, we were in the thick of two major moments – finals and citywide protests. Many of our hearts had been broken again and again over news of black lives being claimed by the forces of institutional…


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Looking for Flower Donations - Jan 2015 and beyond

I know I am busy with the holidays and haven't had time to even begin to think about next year, but it is just around the corner!

We are looking for flower donations to help beautify the sanctuary on Sunday Mornings.  It is a fantastic way to celebrate, remember and/or honor special people or events in your life such as anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, deaths, etc.

We are specifically looking to fill the following upcoming dates, as well as most future dates through…


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A note about this Sunday's Service (7 December 2014)

Like many of my colleagues in ministry, I am wrestling with how to address the issues that trouble our hearts in these days leading up to the winter holidays.  This Sunday's sermon, "Comfort and Joy", focuses on festivity and celebration as a means of strengthening our spiritual lives.  But how can we even think about this at such a time?

We struggle to comprehend the news coming to us from Ferguson MO and Staten Island NY and…


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Heart to Heart: Reflections On Ferguson

Dear Members and Friends,

As we've  watched the tragic events of Ferguson Missouri play out in the media over the past few months, it has now sadly drawn to a close with the end result not unlike so many scenarios witnessed in the past. Our system of justice is badly flawed when this outcome is deemed JUST.

As a religious leader one of the roles that I feel very strongly about is that of comforter, but it’s difficult to comfort or be comforted in times such as these,…


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A Ferguson Reflection

On August 9, 2014, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in broad daylight. Official autopsy reports indicate that Michael Brown was shot six times. On Monday November 24, prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced that a Missouri grand jury decided that there was no probable cause for criminal charges against Officer Wilson. This announcement came only a few days after 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a police officer in…


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another "Ferguson" reflection...

Dear friends,

We have been rocked by the news of the past 24 hours regarding events in Ferguson MO. So much has been written about the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in August, and the demonstrations and violence and witness events that followed.

Many of us are heartbroken over the seeming failure of our justice system in not indicting the man who shot an unarmed teenager and killed him. But the "system" worked, as it often does, in a way that seems unjust - if…


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Loving Up to Our Potential

“You were made from love, to be love, to spread love.” Every once in a while when I need a pick me up, I watch Kid President’s “Letter to a Person on their First Day Here.” It is filled with nuggets of wisdom that help to remind me that life is inherently beautiful, and that we all have worth simply because we exist. The line above is my favorite. It speaks of our origins, our essence, and our purpose, all of which he names as that…


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Flower Donations for November / December

Celebrate. Honor. Beautify.

Donating flowers is a great way to honor a loved one or celebrate a momentous occasion while simultaneously adding the beauty and color of flowers to our church services. When the service is finished, take the flowers home with you to enjoy. You may also include a special message about the person you're honoring or event you're celebrating which will be printed in the order of service and read during the sharing of joys and concerns.



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Good News for Parking!

Parking Update for First Unitarian Church

Parking restored along 22nd Street, extended to Chestnut Street

We would like to thank those of our First Church family who drive to Sunday service and events for their patience and crucial feedback throughout the past several months. Despite a longstanding, 1993 arrangement with the Streets Department, a handful of members…


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Raising Awareness of Old Traditions with New Music

This Wednesday, the Sphinx Organization (Sphinx Organization - Transforming lives through the power ...)will present a of mine they commissioned entitled Raise Hymn, Praise…


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a Reminder about Sunday November 2nd...

On Sunday, November 2nd  our service will include the Mexican celebration of el Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead.  Part of the celebration includes creating a festive altar of remembrance called an ofrenda

The ofrenda will be decorated with traditional elements (flowers, candles, fruit, and pan de…


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Punctuating Faith

“God is still speaking.” The United Church of Christ launched the “StillSpeaking” campaign in 2004 to help increase the relevance and welcoming capacity of religion. In presenting the idea that “God is still speaking,” the UCC reminded people that God, or the divine mystery that some call God, still speaks to us today, through people, nature, new understandings of holy texts, the arts, and more. The symbol for this campaign was the comma, indicating the continuation of something that already…


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October Beacon

Not to be outdone by Pumpkin-spiced lattes and full-priced Halloween candy, First Unitarian Church is doing its part to make the 10th month of the year as exciting as possible by unveiling the October issue of our all-church newsletter, The Beacon!

You can pick up a copy in our literature racks in the lobby or the welcome table in the sanctuary. By why wait? The October issue of The Beacon is also available or download online…


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Ministerial Musings - October

"Life is an adventure in forgiveness." - Norman Cousins

October's ministry theme is Forgiveness - not always an easy topic. Somehow the arrival of Autumn and the changing landscape, with leaves of various hues coloring the hillsides and roadways, streets and backyards of our neighborhoods, signals a profound shift for us.  The leaves will soon fall to the ground, leaving branches stark and bare.  Change is happening all around us - so it is right for us to change as…


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