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This morning I had the pleasure of serving for the first time as "Communications Associate" - a.k.a. doing the Announcements during the Sunday service. This year, in order for the congregation (especially newer members and visitors) to connect faces with names of the lay leadership, we are rotating this role among the Board, MLT, and team leaders.

The fine line between too much information and too little information has always been a delicate balance.  The good news is that First UU is a rich, active community with opportunities for everyone to get involved beyond the weekly Sunday service! In my two years as a member, my life has been greatly enriched by the Women's Book Club, potlucks, musical events, fundraisers,  social justice work, both attending and leading educational programs, and the deep connections made through service on the Ministry Leadership Team. The bad news is that if we gave each and every activity its fully deserved description during the morning service, there would be no time left for the service itself!

In order to respect feedback from the congregation that we want to know what is happening, yet keep the worship hour balanced and paced, a few guidelines are in place:

  • First,  all written announcements and calendar events regarding First UU programs and events are welcome on this site, the E-Beacon (my personal favorite as it arrives just in time, and I don't lose it!), and in the Order of Service insert on Sunday.  
  • Second,  the spoken announcements will be highly abbreviated, and will direct the audience to the written material for detailed descriptions and logistics. The designated Communications Associate for the morning will deliver all of the spoken announcements which are gathered in advance, except in very rare circumstances.  Please do not be offended if your request to personally announce your program/event/activity is discouraged.
  • Finally, the E-Beacon has a special section to promote community activities of interest to our congregation but not directly affiliated with First UU. 

We greatly value your passionate, enthusiastic leadership and volunteerism. If you are organizing a First UU program or event,  please be sure to get the details to Rachel ( well in advance*, and identify yourself for those who would like more information.  The coffee hour is also a wonderful opportunity to recruit participants and share in-depth detail.

And remember,  getting involved and deepening our community is what it's all about! Hope to see you at the next event!


*Wednesday at 9 AM is the deadline for additions to the week's E-Beacon or Announcement Sheet. E-mail for inclusion or call 215-563-3980 x 301.

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Comment by Anne Slater on December 10, 2012 at 6:09pm

It would be great to apply the strictures to all non-liturgical aspects of the service.

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