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Board of Trustees Update: We're digging in!

Now that the outside world is finally (finally!) thawing, we’re feeling inspired by fresh air and new growth. As we plan for new leaders being elected at the Annual Meeting on May 17, we’re asking our entire congregation to roll up their sleeves and find a way to dig in.
At this month’s Board meeting on March 25, we took inspiration from a quote from Dan Hotchkiss, whose work on church governance is one of our most trusted resources:

“Organized religion is a paradox worth puzzling over, a polarity worth managing, and an oxymoron worthy of a laugh. Congregations can infuriate, amuse, and outrage us—and they can protect the vulnerable, inspire the cynical, and heal the sin-sick soul. Leaders who know how to walk the fuzzy line each day between creative anarchy and excessive order help to transform lives for the better. Sometimes, in the process, their own lives are transformed as well.”

Envisioning the Future: Conversations in Community
We were delighted to see so many people engaging in “conversations in community” about the identity of our church this past Sunday, March 22. Special thanks to the more than 40 people who came early for the pre-service workshop session!
There’s still time to make your voice heard as we grapple with our congregation’s future: join us with Rev. Susan on Sunday, April 19 to talk about our impact as a congregation, the purpose or mission of our church, and—more importantly—what we can each contribute to make that vision a reality. There will be a 10 AM workshop session followed by regular 11 AM worship.
Evolving Our Governance Framework
Over the past two years, the Board has been exploring our continued use of the church's Governance and Ministry Policy Manual. We are looking forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas on many aspects of this important framework, including how to structure the minister's role in relation to the work currently performed by our business administrator, as well as how our Ministry Leadership Team and Steering Committee work in our congregation, and more! Come for further discussion at the Annual Meeting on May 17
Questions? Ideas? Email to contact the whole Board at once, or seek us out at church:
Karen Wolfe, President
Caroline Winschel, Vice President
Michael Johnson, Treasurer
Michaela Goff, Secretary
Zemoria Brandon, Trustee-at-Large
Craig Freden, Trustee-at-Large
Heather Speirs, Trustee-at-Large
Debby Schultz, Moderator

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