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The Bylaws is a legal document which serves the Church much like the Constitution serves the United States. The Bylaws is also the voice of the Congregation saying how it expects business to be conducted on its behalf. Bylaws are sometimes used to settle disputes over past actions. A far more important function, however, is to guide the Church's future actions.

Here is an image to illustrate the point.

is the church's bridge into the unknown of the future. The Bylaws are the structural framework. Our other governing documents are the decking and guard rails.

In May, the Congregation will vote on whether or not to modify our bridge's framework.  Take a good look at the proposed changes.  Do they rest firmly on our UU principles?  Would you trust them enough to step onto the bridge and start walking?

Whatever the outcome of the May vote, another decision will then await us one which we will face again and again, both individually and collectively. Will we choose to use the bridge we have built?

Be an informed voter.  Don't wait until the last minute!  Read about the proposed amendment here.  Bring your questions and comments to the last Bylaws Information Session at 12:30 pm on April 22.

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