First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia ~ Welcome home!

     The Caring Ministry Team would appreciate your aid in the form of acquiring some medical equipment to establish an inventory for congregants to borrow in time of need. Often during a medical situation there is a need for medical equipment on a short time basis; such as, a cane, walker, wheelchair, crutches, etc. Recognizing that some of this expensively purchased equipment is set aside unused once the medical situation has been mitigated; your donation of same putting it back to use in our community is a great way towards keeping us of assistance and healthy. We have limited storage facility so only a few items in good condition are being requested at this time. Once a core inventory has been established, notice will be provided regarding borrowing protocols.

     As for providing a donation (if this can be recognized as tax deduction also, all the better), please email Mark DeCourval at THANK YOU!

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