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Day of Dignity: Another Form of Worship

What is Day of Dignity? One answer is that it is a day of service. Another answer is that it is a day of interfaith cooperation. Others might say it is a day to be in community. Any one of these answers could describe what happens on that unique Saturday afternoon here at First Unitarian Church. But for me, these answers are not mutually exclusive. So how do I describe Day of Dignity? It is a day of worship.

You see, Day of Dignity represents so much more than a time to volunteer in the community for a single Saturday. This event is an act of faith. It is a day when we live out the principles that bring us together through the ritual of service. The entire day—from setup, to distribution, to conversation, to clean up—is an incredible demonstration of the power of religious cooperation and respect. Those of us who come to volunteer for this day bring with us a variety of backgrounds, but we are united in our dedication to living out our diverse faith traditions together. Our commitment to honoring the value inherent in all people helps us to recognize and demonstrate that we are connected in our responsibility to bring compassionate justice into our world in whatever way we can. Day of Dignity brings together people from all walks of life who share a core belief that every person has inherent worth that must be recognized by all others. Our mutual appreciation for this single principle is so incredibly powerful and can change lives, even if just for a day. It can turn a a conversation into a celebration, strangers into friends, and the act of giving into an act of worship.

Please consider joining First Unitarian Church and Islamic Relief USA for an this interfaith worship through service and community. Now entering its seventh year, this partnership has brought together volunteers of all ages and faith traditions to honor the inherent worth and dignity of hundreds of our neighbors whose lives have been impacted by poverty. Hosted in the Sanctuary, this all-day event provides food, clothing, blankets, medical care, school supplies, and more to our Philadelphia family members in need.

Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, distribution, and clean-up. Whether you are available for only a couple of hours or the whole day, consider signing up to be a part of this day that puts our faith into action. Even if you cannot attend, you can still help by making a donation toward the services provided that day. If you would like to learn more, visit Islamic Relief USA's event website (, or email Ranwa Hammamy at Interested volunteers and donors can sign-up by filling out the online form found here:

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