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After hearing from over a dozen leaders in the LGBTQ community, and after having spoken directly with a representative of Deep Green Resistance, Executive Director and Minister, Rev. Nate Walker and Business Administrator, Norman Fouhy have determined that the Resistance Rewritten Tour with Rachel Ivey is incongruent with the church's Moral Clause: 

"The First Unitarian Church of Philadlephia (the "Owner") is a congregation strongly committed to promoting the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals. The Owner prohibits use of its property for any purpose which may reasonably be construed to promote oppression, discrimination, and/or violence in any form. Any lessee(s) who violates this clause will be considered in breach of contract, and this lease may be terminated immediately. The Owner reserves the right to refuse entering into future lease agreements and to pursue any appropriate legal actions at its discretion." 

As a result, the event will not be held at the First Unitarian Church.

If you have any questions, please call Rev. Nate's cell phone directly: (215) 701-9072. 

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