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As Board Treasurer, I will be kicking-off the first budget session with a high level analysis of our long term financial goals and how we can align our budgeting process with the ends and means we have created for  ourselves.  I think it is critical that we not only set forth values, but that we actively strive to achieve them in our own lives and in how we run the church.  With this framework laid, I will then turn the floor over to Rev. Nate, as Executive Director, who will lead us in a discussion of how we can craft our 2012-2013 budget to reflect these goals.

I think this will be a real challenge to achieve these financial goals and the budgeting process usually evokes real emotions as we are all extremely invested in the church's sustainability.  We would greatly value your participation at our first budget info session on April 1st at 12:30.

If you can not make it to April 1st, we will have a second budget session at 12:30 on April 15th.

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