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First Unitarian Food Justice Book Group

Do you enjoy reading?  Are you interested in learning more about topics such as food insecurity, nutrition, the local/slow food movement, food worker’s rights, and other areas related to food justice?

The Social Justice Ministry Team is excited to announce the formation of a Food Justice Book Group.  Church members and friends are invited to read group's book selections and share their opinions about the book at a discussion table to be held at a potluck lunch and online through a book group that has been created on the Good Reads website.  To join the online book group, send an Julie Orts at

The first book selection is
Behind the Kitchen Door: What Every Diner Should Know About the People Who Feed You  by Saru Jayaraman.

About the book:  

How do restaurant workers live on some of the lowest wages in America? And how do poor working conditions-discriminatory labor practices, exploitation, and unsanitary kitchens-affect the meals that arrive at our restaurant tables? Saru Jayaraman, who launched a national restaurant workers organization after 9/11, sets out to answer these questions by following the lives of restaurant workers in New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Detroit, and New Orleans.   To learn more about this book visit  

Sunday, March 17th 
at 12:30,  Ranwa Hammamy will moderate a conversation about this book at the inaugural Food Justice Book Group table to be held at the church potluck.  Join the group to share your opinions about the book or to learn more about this important food justice topic. 

Stop by the Social Justice table in the back of the sanctuary for more information about the book group and other SJMT events. 

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