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October 8th and 9th bring us two amazing opportunities to celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of every person. From marching to help promote trans* awareness to making a strong showing at Outfest, we can really bring our welcoming congregation status to the forefront. 


On October 8th, Philadelphia will host its first-ever Trans* March, beginning at 3pm in Love Park. The transgender and gender nonconforming community continues to face discrimination, hate, and violence, sometimes from institutionalized sources. This march offers a chance for all of us to protest against these injustices while celebrating the love and diversity each person brings to our city. FirstU members and friends are needed to participate in the march, and proudly walk together with our church banner. Because this march is the first of its kind in our city, our participation will help us live up to our Unitarian Universalist mission to be leaders in love. 


On October 9th, Outfest is back in the Gayborhood! If you have never been to Outfest, imagine a block party attended by 40,000 of your closest friends with tables from dozens of community organizations and vendors. It’s a party not to be missed, and we have a chance to be a part of it! FirstU members and friends are needed to help set up/staff our table, and show Philadelphia that our church family loves love! Volunteers do not need to be at the table the entire day- we know you want to explore the party. All we are asking for is an hour of your time to help us make a strong showing at this amazing event. If you cannot attend that day, please consider making a monetary donation towards the cost of reserving a table. 


Please sign up to volunteer for one or both of these incredible events. First Unitarian celebrates diversity both inside and outside of our church walls. This celebration includes recognizing our incredible power to be change leaders in our community, and stand against injustice. Come join us as we show our support for equal rights, and stand on the side of love!


Volunteers for the Trans* March can sign up by contacting Ranwa Hammamy (

Volunteers for Outfest can sign up by contacting Stephen Kramer at (


For more information on the Trans* March, check out:

For more information on Outfest, check out:

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