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Mary Beth shared a 6 minute video that may be of interest to many people in the congregation. In this clip, Daniel Goleman, author of "Focus: The Hidden Ingredient in Excellence," explains why leaders need to cultivate a triad of awareness - an inward focus, a focus on others, and an outward focus.In an interview with Forbes, Daniel Goleman explains the meaning of this triad.

  • “Inner” focus refers to self-awareness and self-management: how well we can tune in to our guiding values, for instance, or know our strengths and limits – which in turn gives us a realistic sense of self-confidence—and also handle our distressing emotions so they don’t interfere with getting things done, marshal our positive emotions to stay motivated in working toward out goals, and bounce back from setbacks.
  • “Other” focus describes how well we attune to people: our empathy, which allows us to understand how people perceive things, how they feel, and what we can do to help them be at their best. And tuning in to others this way provides the basis for skill in competencies like motivating employees, persuasion and influence, negotiation and conflict resolution, and — increasingly important – teamwork and collaboration.
  • “Outer” focus has to do with how well we can sense the large forces that shape our world – whether organizational dynamics, like whose opinion matters most for a decision, or economic forces such as how a new technology will roil a market, or environmental trends like the new value placed on lower-carbon processes. Outer awareness allows a leader, for example, to formulate a winning strategy that anticipates what’s coming.

If you enjoy the video, you may like Goldman's book, "Focus: The Hidden Ingredient in Excellence" and the companion instructional CD. I am grateful for the many leaders in the congregation who naturally model these traits. Stay tuned for an adult religious education course on this subject in February  2013. To learn more visit

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