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Food Justice Book Group: April Book Selection

What’s the group about?

The Social Justice Ministry Team has formed a Food Justice Book Group.  Church members and friends are invited to read the book group selections and share their opinions about the book at a discussion table to be held at a potluck lunch and/or online through a book group that has been created on the Good Reads website.


When is the next meeting?

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, April 21st at 12:30 in Griffin Hall.  The book selection is a children’s book that would be of interest to readers of all ages:  Food for Thought:  The Stories Behind the Foods We Eat, by Ken Robbins.  Read the book with your child or grandchild, or read it on your own because of the beautiful photographs and interesting stories.  Come join the group to share your opinions about the book.


About the book (from

Deliciously interesting, tasty morsels of cultural history combined with luscious photographs will leave readers hungry for more.


"Every kind of food has its story." Acclaimed photographer Ken Robbins guides us through the history, mythology, and literary significance of food. Fascinating facts: it was an apple that started the Trojan War; oranges used to be so expensive that only the rich could afford them--and stunning photographs make Food for Thought a tasty read that will have everyone looking at their plates in a new way.


More about the online book group: 

Good Reads ( is a great site for readers and we have set up a private First Unitarian Food Justice Book Group group for our members to share opinions about our selections and ideas about great books in the area of Food Justice.  If you’re interested in joining the online book group, sign up at the Social Justice table or contact Julie Orts at to be sent an invitation.

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