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I am extremely grateful for the joy that the choir brings to our community.  I was moved to tears yesterday at their fall Music Sunday concert where they performed Carmina Burana. This emotion was evoked partly by the beauty of the piece, partly by the pride in their accomplishments, and partly knowing that I have the opportunity just to be with them.  I am thankful for them sharing their time: being there for and with each other as well as for all of us, and I thank them for their talent: making something so glorious.

I am constantly amazed at our Music Director Jen Hayman's ability to transform and create, to move the choir to new heights, and to move the congregation spiritually. It was very gratifying to have the music fit in so well with all the standard parts of our order of service, and that added yet another level of secret delight for this behind-the-scenes buff.

I wish you all a joyous Thanksgiving, one filled with gratitude for what we each have. May your joy and love continue to be shared with those less fortunate, so that they may believe in their inherent worth and dignity.

Yours in music and faith,
Dan Widyono


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