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Having Your Voice to the End of Your Life...

"Having Your Voice " is an upcoming seminar that meets for 4 weeks,  8 hours total.  Register here today!

The seminar begins on Monday, April 2nd and runs through April 23, meeting at 7:00 PM each week.

Here are some facts:


1.  In a number of surveys 80% to 90%  of people polled said that they would like to die at home with their loved ones around and pain free.  Only 10%-20% achieve this aspiration.  What would you want?


2.  Between 10-25% of adults have documents with end of life care instructions.  Many report that they have not reviewed them with their doctor and don't know where they are. 


3.  Advanced Medical Directives (also called Living Wills) often lack sufficient specificity to provide the person making decisions for you with sufficient detail to know what would want.


4.  Advance Medical Directives are often ignored by the person who is caring for you. What if you can not make decisions for yourself at these times?  Who will?


5.  Many of the most celebrated cases of people whose life has been prolonged with no chance of recovery are in their 20s and 30s.  They had not signed advanced medical directives regarding their care and their lives were prolonged for years in a vegetative state.  Young adults need to prepare these documents as well.  Have you prepared these documents?


6.  A Professor of Medical Ethics stated in the Philadelphia Inquirer (2/28/12) that Doctors often do not tell the full truth to patients about their health status, particularly when the diagnosis or condition is serious because they want to instill hope.  What would you want from your physician?


This Seminar will address all of these questions and many more.  Contact Mark Peterson with questions - 215-763-0838

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