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On Sunday March 4th, our service will question whether your health care is another person's problem. In a four week seminar in April I will be addressing another relevant and important question: Is my death your problem?

The upcoming Adult Religious Education seminar entitled "Having Your Voice to the End of Your Life" will provide opportunities for participants to address issues as to how they want to be cared for as their life comes to a close.

We will address ways in which those wishes can be compromised, as well.  For example, a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News described how a daughter of an 88 year old man with dementia chose desperate treatments which kept him alive for 10 days and cost $323,000.  Medicare paid for $67,800 and the rest had to be absorbed by the Hospital through bills to other insured patients. Was this what this man would have wanted, considering that he had drawn up "do not resuscitate" and "desire for a natural death" orders?

There are many forces which can contradict your best intentions - preparation is essential! Feel free to contact me with questions: Mark B. Peterson at 215-763-0838. To register for the seminar, please sign up here. The seminar begins on Monday April 2, 2012.

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Comment by Former Settled Minister on March 2, 2012 at 1:11pm

This is an excellent course with a very skillful facilitator. I hope folks take it. Here's a relevant article entitled, "Our unrealistic views of death, through a doctor's eyes."

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