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'Tis The Season To Be Joyful

It seems like only yesterday that we were planning picnics and pool parties, yet the time for tinsel and gift wrapping is right around the corner as the holiday season rapidly approaches. Beholding the joy of the
season may seem easy because of new relationships, additions to the family circle with the birth of a child, or employment after a long dry spell. But for others it can take an effort, as they struggle to celebrate the first holiday with the absence of loved ones through transition, the end of a relationship, or unemployment. But it is an effort worth making because the everyday aspects of our lives bring us the most joy, even if it seems natural to expect feelings of happiness to come from larger events. By noticing how small things can fill our days with delight, we are more likely to experience the wonder of living. Once we take the time to look around and witness the beauty, kindness, and laughter that envelop us, what may seem like the ordinariness of the everyday becomes filled with the extraordinary detail of each individual moment. If we bring this sense of awareness to our lives for even a few minutes each day, we will begin to see just how blessed we truly are. Taking in the small joys of each day expands our feeling of being connected with the world, especially once we become more attuned to them. With each passing day, we will find that small delights, such as the laughter of a child or the glistening frost on evergreens brings a deeper level of appreciation for everything the universe has given to our lives. However, beholding the joy that surrounds us can take a conscious effort in making it a part of a daily routine. When you awake in the morning and set the intention to notice more joy in the world, watch how your day and, eventually, your life is filled with more joy. The more you do this the more apt you will be to notice it all. Allow this joy to fill your heart fully, and from there it will naturally expand to your entire body and then spread to others, giving them joy as well. In this holiday season, may your lives be filled with much joy. 

My Heart To Yours, Rev.

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