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Life As We Know It

WOW! It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of another fiscal church year. Maybe I was confused by the bizarre weather changes, because I tend to mark time by seasons. Whatever happened to spring? Perhaps entering 2012 threw us into some warp speed vortex; you know that whole Mayan calendar situation. It could be any one or a combination of the above, but realistically I know that it’s simply because my life is full, just as most of your lives are.

We have such a plethora of offerings both within the church community and outside that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and find ourselves becoming static, doing nothing, remaining with the status quo, “life as we know it.” It’s a very human tendency to resist change as though it were possible to decide not to do it, or have it in our lives. Nevertheless, change will come and the status quo will go, sooner or later, with our consent or without it. The answer is not to go about changing things at random, without regard to whether they are working or not. Moreover, we may find at the end of the day that we feel considerably more empowered when we find the courage to ally ourselves with the universal force of change, rather than working against it.

There is, however, a time and place for stability and the preservation of what has been gained over time, because the ability to stabilize and preserve what is serving us is part of what helps us to survive and thrive. The problem comes when we become more attached to preserving the status quo than to honoring the universal givens of growth and change. By allowing ourselves to remain stagnant simply because we are comfortable, may be the signal for us to summon up the courage in challenging the status quo. It may be painful at times, or surprisingly liberating, but it will most likely be a little of both. Because underneath the discomfort, we’ll probably find excitement and energy as we take the risk of unblocking the natural flow of energy in our lives. Because most of the work involves clearing our own inner obstacles so that the river of our life can flow unobstructed, it’s like dismantling a dam inside ourselves. Nudge yourself just a little over the summer, remove some obstacles, and go with the flow, trusting the changes that follow. Lets check in after Labor Day and see how we’ve grown over the summer.


From My Heart to Yours,
Rev. Addae

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