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As the days of summer begin to wane, and the blossoms that brightened our gardens droop their heads in wilt, we begin to acknowledge the changing season. Autumn ushers in a new slowness of being for most of us, as the tone and tempo of our lives change. Revealing itself slowly, autumn hovers around the edges of our consciousness, and when its crisp breezes are strong enough to pierce our summer clothing, we then take notice of the transformations around us in the brilliance of fall foliage in patterns of crimson and gold, and the flocks of southbound geese honk overhead. At times it’s only when the last fruits and vegetables have arrived as a bountiful harvest that we begin our transition from the lazy days of summer into the business of preparing for work of the new church year. With this beginning it’s time for all church leaders, professional and volunteer alike shift into high gear for the months ahead. This can be an invigorating time to gather our thoughts, contemplating what we accomplished during the warmer season, reaping the fruits of our efforts and preparing for a new crop of ideas and activities. But whether our priorities have changed, and we have resolved to take a new approach to commitments to First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, or for some of us, its business as usual, let’s embrace the beauty of autumn, rejoice in homecoming, and new beginnings. Welcome Home!

From My Heart to Yours,

Rev. Addae

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