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Dear Members and Friends,

As we've  watched the tragic events of Ferguson Missouri play out in the media over the past few months, it has now sadly drawn to a close with the end result not unlike so many scenarios witnessed in the past. Our system of justice is badly flawed when this outcome is deemed JUST.

As a religious leader one of the roles that I feel very strongly about is that of comforter, but it’s difficult to comfort or be comforted in times such as these, because my heart aches. As a woman of color who is the mother of four sons (all adults over 50) I’m empathetic to ways in which it’s necessary to teach our sons about the double standard of justice they will need to navigate in the world.

Laying all blame aside, because in my estimation it’s all misplaced. I wasn’t there, the only details that I’ve been privy to are those in the media. But I do know that circumstances surrounding Black youth are being repeated far too often to be coincidental.

When I think how far we have come as a nation, it appears as if things are getting better and summarily worse at the very same time. What Now? As people of faith, Unitarian Universalist have a history of being those people of action. And while it sometimes appears futile, we can’t give up before the miracle.

From my Heart to Yours,

Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

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