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It's time to do your part in our "part"nership with Urban Tree Connection

As most of you know we are working with Urban Tree Connection (UTC) to promote food justice, food security, and healthy eating in a neighborhood in West Philly.  UTC has allied itself with Neighborhood Foods to be able to offer an amazing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for the coming harvest season.  Neighborhood Foods (NF) cooperates with other local, urban producers to pool resources and promote each other's products, including Green Aisle jam, Philadelphia-grown honey, Four Worlds bread, and Greenstreet/La Colombe coffee.  Customers pay the farmer at the beginning of the season and receive a box of local produce every week. 

Neighborhood Foods unifies communities through urban farming and civic action. They use farms to stabilize vacant lots and generate a financially sustainable business. In partnership with Urban Tree Connection, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, they run educational programs for people of all ages, bring neighbors together through events, and make fresh local produce accessible in low-income neighborhoods.  NF has chosen to confront urban health issues head on because living a positive life starts with living a healthy life.  You and First U can support their efforts by getting your very own CSA today!
The Neighborhood Foods' CSA runs from May 24th through October 25th.  Sign up now through the or email  Check out our pick-up locations all over the city.

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