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UUA’s Green Sanctuary Program is Evolving

Green Sanctuary (GS) is making a number of changes including:

• Information gathering to increase UU capacity to do environmental work in the world. Fill out the UU Ministry for Earth Survey.
• Green Sanctuary staffing has gone from full to ¼ time program coordination with the Rev. Karen Brammer,, and the addition of significant administrative support through Brent Jurgess,, in the Congregational Stewardship Services office.
• A planning team will begin in 2013 to review and update Green Sanctuary materials on a regular and ongoing basis. The planning team will include representatives of a variety of UU environmentally concerned organizations.

Learn more about Green Sanctuary.

Dental Benefits Update

Qualified employees who retire on or after January 1, 2013 are eligible to apply to continue their existing dental coverage with our group plan rather than enrolling via COBRA dental continuation which typically expires 18 months after the end of employment.

To qualify, the retiring employee:
• Must have a retirement date of 01-01-2013 or beyond,
• Must be at least 62 years of age at retirement,
• Must have worked a minimum of 750 hours for the employer and/or as a recognized community minister for at least 5 of the past 10 years,
• Must have been enrolled in our group dental plan on the day immediately preceding the date of retirement.

Enhanced dental benefits effective 01-01-2013:
The Dental Benefit Summary has coverage details.
• The maximum annual dental benefit, per person, has increased to $1,750.00.
• A lower cost tier of coverage has been added for employees with only one dependent on their dental plan.

Questions? Contact Ms. Patti Angelina, Insurance Plans Coordinator.

January 25th is the Debt Reduction Grant application deadline

UU Ministers seeking assistance to reduce theological school indebtedness to a manageable level within five years may apply for a seminary debt reduction grant.  Eligible applicants: 1) hold ministerial fellowship with the UUA and are in active service in ministry; and 2) owe seminary student loan payments of at least $100 per month over and above other debt such as undergraduate loans, credit cards, mortgage, etc.

To apply, send a recent student loan statement(s) showing current loan balances  to Joyce Stewart by fax: 617-742-2875 and submit an application by the deadline. Other information about your situation may be included if you wish.

Get Involved!

Breaking Bread and Building Bridges

Breaking Bread and Building Bridges is part of a larger strategy to lift the voices of faith communities at the local level and turn the tide for immigrants’ rights.  Local events such as potlucks, vigils, and detention visitation connect advocates with those most directly affected by unjust immigration policies.  The relationships that are nourished serve to build understanding and strengthen dedication for continued work toward just and humane immigration reform.

Find resources and to start planning your activities for December through June!  A toolkit will be coming soon that provides resources for congregations to engage in activities such as potlucks, vigils, and meetings with decision makers to make progress toward achieving these goals.  The type of campaigns you create/join will depend on your local context, existing relationships, and passions.  

Watch a PowerPoint about the campaign.

Church of the Larger Fellowship

The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), a unique UU congregation without walls, is selling Meeting Alzheimer’s, a unique audio resource, in the CLF Shop.  Designed to address questions and concerns of caregivers, this CD provides critical information through an engaging, accessible format.  

CLF is organizing a service trip to New Orleans, during the Martin Luther King Weekend.  Learn more, find registration forms, and watch a video from CLF’s s...

We Need Your Help!

Does Your Congregation Use Tapestry of Faith? Share Your Story!

Your story is part of a larger story of UU faith development in the 21st century. The UUA wants to consider your photos or video documentation for inclusion in a video presentation at GA 2013. Send images or questions to Susan Lawrence, Managing Editor, Resource Development Office;

Seeking Authors to Create a New Worship for All Ages Renaissance Module

Religious professionals are invited to apply by January 15 to write a 15-hour training program in Worship for All Ages. This curriculum will be offered as a Renaissance Module to anyone interested in religious education leadership, including seminarians, ministers, religious education teachers, music leaders, and lay leaders. Read the Call for Proposals!

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