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That’s no typo! Every year, thousands of Unitarian Universalists come together for our annual General Assembly in June. This year, from June 19 – 23, Louisville, Kentucky will become LUUisville (in my mind anyways), and will be home to dozens of interactive programs, worship experiences, and social justice/witness events organized by Unitarian Universalists from across the country. There is something for everyone, whether you are a church leader or congregant, a youth or adult, a lifelong UU or just discovered UUism two days ago.


So what exactly is General Assembly? Aside from being a business meeting where delegates from UU communities vote on important denominational issues (read on to learn how you can become a delegate!), General Assembly offers an opportunity to learn, be inspired, and be in community with thousands of beautiful people living out our faith tradition in amazing ways. Interactive workshops, educational presentations, engaging worship ceremonies, social action and witness events, a vendor room filled with so many social justice organizations and buyable goodies that you will end up visiting more than once…General Assembly is an experience like none other.



This year’s assembly is particularly important as there will be elections held for several UUA positions, including the Moderator, the second highest volunteer position in our association. Both of the candidates running for the position have something unique and interesting to offer, and I encourage you to learn about their respective visions. The candidates this year are Jim Key and Tamara Payne-Alex. In addition, the denomination will be voting on its newest Statement of Conscience, Immigration as a Moral Issue. Learn more about this statement and its contents here. If you are interested in serving as a delegate for the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, and would like to learn more about how you can represent the congregation’s voice in these different voting processes, please contact the Board at



Now, for some of us, traveling to General Assembly is just not possible for a variety of reasons. The UUA is aware that not everybody can attend General Assembly in person, and will be simulcasting many of its worship services and plenary sessions online. If you would like to view certain events/programs online or even serve as an offsite delegate, internet-based participation is possible (viewing party in the Parish Room anyone?). Click here to learn more, and contact the Board if you are interested in becoming an offsite delegate.


We are on the brink of a transformative time in our development, both as a congregation and as a denomination. The changes that are on the horizon offer us an opportunity to grow into an even more vibrant faith community, and to be active participants that shape our shared journey with hope and love. As Unitarian Universalists, we engage a tradition that honors not only the individual, but also the community created when we come together. The same can be said about our congregations. Each one has the freedom to govern itself and serve its members without a top-down approach seen in other traditions. Yet, we are an inseparable part of something larger, an interdependent web of unique faith communities, which we also strive to honor. Our General Assembly reminds us of our connection to the greater tradition of Unitarian Universalism. It lets us celebrate the beautiful truth that we are not alone in our journey, that we are a valuable piece of a living tradition that we help shape with our voices, actions, and love.


Let’s celebrate together. Let’s take a trip (digital or physical) to LUUisville this June.


Yours in faith,


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