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Inspired by the movie "Her," about a man who has an intimate relationship with his operating system, Reverend Nate introduced "My God," the app. It's a computer program that allows users to determine the attributes of their God and begin to have a personal relationship with the God of their understanding.

  • Prologue (0:00 - 10:20): Nate discussed the movie "Her" and equates it to his direct experience. He admits, "I was on the conscious outside of my subconscious life."
  • Musical Interlude (10:20 - 11:36): John B Hedges sings "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead, with Brian Weingartner on guitar.
  • Act I. Configuring God (11:37 - 17:37): Tech Support helps Nate design a GodOS of his understanding.
  • Act II. Meeting GodOS (17:38 - 32:04): Nate struggles to upload the program and then meets his GodOS.
  • Epilogue (32:05 - 35:54): Nate reveals the purpose of this metaphor.
  • Choral Response (35:55 - 39:10): "The 23rd Psalm (dedicated to my mother)" by Bobby McFerrin
  • Benediction (39:11 - 40:00): Nate offers closing words.


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