First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia ~ Welcome home!

I would like to extend an invitation to any interested congregants to attend any of our upcoming meetings listed here.
  • April 7th  -  12:30 PM   -  Info Session: Executive Director/Minister Roles Proposal
  • April 14th - 12:30 PM   -  Info Session: Crafting Our Budget
  • April 17th -  6:30 PM    -  Board Meeting
  • April 24th - 6:30 PM     -  Board Meeting: Budget
  • April 28th - 12:30 PM  -  Info Session: Executive Director/Minister Roles Proposal
  • May 15th  -  6:30 PM    -  Board Meeting
  • May 19th  -  12:30 PM  -  Congregational meeting
It's a busy time, and I am continually appreciative of all the time and talent being offered up by our current Board members as well as the rest of the church leadership.
Yours in faith,
Dan Widyono

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