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Please complete the Triennial Ministerial Review survey by April 7, 2014

Every three years the church is expected to facilitate a review of the Minister's performance, gathering data from the Congregation and producing a written report. The report, together with a written response from the Minister, will be published to the Congregation.

The purpose of the triennial review is to call the Congregation's attention to the mutual, relational nature of ministry and the respective responsibilities of all who contribute to its success; to assist the Minister to remain motivated, creative, and flexible; and to equip the Minister and Board to correct problems and establish a more effective partnership in the future. This year, we also have the opportunity to measure where we are as a congregation as we prepare to engage in our interim ministry. The information we collect now will be of use to an interim minister, while also allowing us to measure our progress as we invite a settled minister at the end of the interim period.

We are each accountable for and to each other and to our religious community. Periodic assessments of how the ministry of the congregation as well as its lay and professional leadership components is living out the congregation's mission are important. As you complete the survey, please reflect and comment not only on Reverend Nate's performance but also on the extent of the congregation's ownership of that concern.

In order to be included in the Annual Congregational Report, your response must be received by April 7, 2014. You may complete the survey online or on paper. Please see Stephanie if you need a paper copy of the survey.

The Triennial Ministerial Review Working Group consists of:
Katy Morris
Zemoria Brandon
Heather Speirs
Diane Frey
Michaela Goff
Leonard Johnson
Connie Simon
Dan Widyono

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