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An initial meeting of the recently elected Board of Trustees and selected Ministry Leadership Team occurred on June 15. It took the form of introductions, sharing and orientation to the internal workings of the church. Rev. Nate encouraged all present to propose a “bumper sticker” depicting their vision of leadership. Some choose pictures, others words. Often the words appeared in sets, outlining a sort of process, as in: “Listen, Learn, Resolve” (E. Ralston) or “Connect, Discern, Inspire” (D. Widyono) or “Tell the Truth kindly” (M. Grier). The pictures were a bit more abstract: as First Church as a ship riding the waves with the leadership as crew, providing day-to-day direction and sending up bubbles to take readings for the future course (S. Youmans) or the congregation and Board, each with mirrors in hand, reflecting and amplifying a vision of our historic church and community (L. Goodwin). It was a revealing exercise. We came away knowing more about each other and about our expectations as leaders.

Since that meeting, the church has shifted into summer mode which is quieter, but; by no means asleep. We have had some wonderful Sunday services, mostly lay led. Rev. Nate has been preparing some of us for furthering the conversation with Monsanto representatives about the ethics of their bio-tech business, which affects the world’s food supply. Leaders of our Development and Preservation teams have participated in discussions with Partners for Sacred Places regarding the restoration of our historic church. Our leadership group is planning a Retreat for August 13-15 which will engage us in planning for the upcoming year.

As your church leadership group is continuing to perk, I am hopeful that you will find this summer and your pursuits providing an opportunity to “Restore, reflect, re-generate”. We are open to hearing from you throughout the summer, as you have thoughts to share. We certainly look forward to September when we will rejoin our shared ministry full force!

In faith,

Luana Goodwin
President, Board of Trustees

* I am a would-be gardener. Each month I may be naming this patch for a different vegetable. I don’t know.

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