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Property Report - Garden Improvements

The Memorial Garden Committee is donating money for new plants to improve the appearance of the two fenced garden plots in front of the Chestnut Street porch. The Property Ministry Team is pulling together ideas and volunteers for the project.

We recently met with representatives of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society to assess the current, aged growth and to seek suggestions for plants that will look good in all seasons and will enhance our historical façade. (BTW – they loved our shady side garden!)

Seven First U members, including a landscape architect, have agreed to help with design and planting. Right now, Lora Thornburg is gathering any and all suggestions for what we might do with the front garden. If you have ideas to share, please get them to her before July 4. (You can find her in the garden on Sundays or get her email from the church directory.)

Finally, a bit of church history: Rev. Victor Carpenter, Ruth Bacon, Otto Sperr and other church members created these garden plots about forty years ago. They broke up the concrete, built the curbs, brought in soil, and planted the Pyracantha shrubs. The irises, daylilies, peony and black-eyed Susans growing underneath are much more recent additions.

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