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The Space is the Place: From R5 and Beyond at First Unitarian Church

For nearly 20 years, the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia has enjoyed a special relationship with R5 Productions as part of our ongoing role as a cultural, community and educational epicenter—sometimes hosting as many as six shows in one week! As you may have noticed, R5 shows have become less frequent over the past few years here at First Church. With that, comes some good news and bad news...

The good news is that you can still book your own events, and expect to enjoy countless amazing others, at one of the East Coast's most unique and popular venues: The First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. And while R5 will take advantage of their two dedicated venues to stage larger performances, they will continue to partner as usual with First Church to bring the community seated shows in our Sanctuary and Chapel. Be sure to check out their listings


As well as hosting all-ages music concerts, theater events and community programs, First Church maintains a long-standing commitment as a regional resource for education and youth-engagement, working with partners such as CityYear, Freire Charter School and multiple nursery schools and after-school programs, just to name a few. 


We are also delighted to announce our newest partnership with The Makom Community, a daily after-school and camp program emphasizing family education in the Jewish tradition.


Our 2014-2015 calendar years are some of the most vibrant in recent history, with programming ranging from R5 shows and Fringe Festival performances to visits from acclaimed vocal groups such as Tower of Song and the Anna Crusis Choir.


Now, for the bad news: There simply may not be enough time in the year to explore everything on offer here at First Church ... But one can certainly try!


We welcome the visitors who find us through a variety of ways, inviting newcomers to discover the multitude of resources First Unitarian Church provides as a center for cultural, social, educational and spiritual growth.

[Download press release here.]


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