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Redemption and Ending Life Without Parole in PA

Thank you all who attended and helped with the events on Sunday, April 12th at First U. The service led by Rev Susan on Redemption, the banner from the lifers at Graterford, and the panelists on LWOP, pictured in the photo in front of the banner, created the opportunity to consider and reflect upon redemption and second chances.

James Hough, a lifer at Graterford sent a letter describing the creation of the banner. His words were read by Rev Susan as part of the sermon:
Every lifer in PA can not and should not be released. Some are not rehabilitated and others haven't earned the second chance. However there are many - easily over 2000, male and female, juvenile and adult lifers that have over the past 20, 30, 40, even 50 years, continuously demonstrated:

  • Remorse and responsibility for their action(s) of taking a sacred life,
  • Transformed themselves into the exact opposite of whom ever they came to prison as,
  • Transformed the lives of others: their family members, correctional staff, troubled youth, visitors to the prison, and most importantly other prisoners...  I believe if the public of PA knew that 2,000 people could be a credit to their city or state, I believe they they'd want them out of prison and back in society.

(pictured above, from left:  Karen Wolfe, Patricia Vickers, Tyrone Werts, Martha Copithorne and Sarah Morris)

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