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The September 2012 edition of the UUA monthly Congregational Bulletin is now available. You can find it on at

From Accessibilities:
Audio recordings (PDF) for selected articles of UU World now available on

From Beacon Press:
New and notable books (PDF) from Beacon Press, and an invitation to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for Unitarian Universalists (UU's).

From the UUA Bookstore:
An announcement of a new book from the UUA Resource Development Office: Bridging: A Handbook for Congregations (PDF).

An announcement of a new book from the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries: Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide (PDF).

From the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF):
Looking for high-quality religious education resources for your family, small group or congregation? RE Express Plus (PDF) offers tools to create a complete Religious Education (RE) program for a small group, or to creatively expand a larger program.  

From Congregational Life:
Here is a current list of blogs (PDF) from Congregational Life. You are encouraged to read or subscribe to any or all of them.
Does your congregation host an Art Gallery? Consider signing up for Uuartgalleries (PDF), a closed e-mail list for gallery directors, committee chairs or for people who would like more information on how to start a gallery in their own congregation.

From Information and Public Witness:
Explore the past with this History in Brief (PDF). Read about William H. Carney, Colonel Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

From the Internaional Office:
An International News (PDF) update from the UUA.

From Ministries and Faith Development:
The UUA Common Read for 2012-13 is The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (The New Press, 2012). Alexander, an attorney, describes how U.S. crime-fighting policies and systems disproportionately affect Americans of color and makes a case that these effects are intentional. Alexander's presentation at General Assembly 2012 drew a large crowd. A UUA discussion guide for The New Jim Crow will be online in October.

Please circulate this flyer to invite UU’s of color, ages 15-18, to an online covenant group (PDF) hosted by the Rev. Monica L. Cummings on Wednesday evenings.

New curricula this fall include two new children's programs--Sing to the Power (Grades 4-5) and World of Wonder (Grades K-1)--and a new, eight-session version of Building the World We Dream About geared toward young adults. See descriptions of Tapestry of Faith offerings (PDF) for all ages on this display flyer. Browse the new programs online. Contact for more information. 
—For religious professionals and lay leaders

Have you used UUA-published pre-school programs from the 1990s? If you have feedback as a religious professional, an RE teacher, a parent, or a lay leader, you can help the Resource Development Office consider revisions and updates. Please share via Survey Monkey or contact Pat Kahn at to discuss in more depth. 
—For religious professionals and lay leaders


Presenting the Welcoming Congregation Bulletin (PDF), a brand new publication from LGBTQ Ministries, part of Multicultural Ministries. Each month this newsletter will lift up a tool, an action, a story, and news to share around the work of welcome and inclusion. This month: affirmation and nondiscrimination language, National Coming Out Day, OUTreach Resource Center, and all things “queer”!

For your reading pleasure: the twenty-fifth issue of Catalyst (PDF), the newsletter of Multicultural Growth & Witness Regarding Racial and Ethnic Concerns.

The September Newsletter (PDF) is now available from Multicultural Growth and Witness
—For social justice/taskforce chairs

From Standing on the Side of Love:
Voting on the Side of Love—A Video Contest (PDF). Imagine, in this election season, if a simple, compelling video can change the world. Video submissions are due by September, 23rd. Read more inside this flyer for details! Contact

From Stewardship and Development:
Pay it forward by supporting the Annual Program Fund and the Friends of the UUA (PDF).
—For ministers, board presidents, finance and stewardship committees

From UU College of Social Justice:
Help heal the world and feed your spirit on a trip to Mexico, Haiti, or India with the UU College of Social Justice (PDF).

From Youth and Young Adult Ministries:
Help Youth Bridge Into UU Young Adulthood

Bridging into adulthood is an important transition, not only in the life of an individual, but also in the life of a family and a faith community. As youth prepare to enter young adulthood, they are opening the door for new experiences and greater understanding of their faith. Congregations and other UU communities can support them during this transition by keeping their connection to Unitarian Universalism alive and relevant to their lives and continuing to minister to them as they transition to young adulthood.

See the “Bridging from Youth to Young Adulthood” page for more information and resources for bridging, including the new “Bridging: Handbook for Congregations” curriculum and the “Bridge Connections” program for youth to provide their contact-information to be matched up with a UU congregation or community in their new location.

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